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NA RGR splitter kit

NA RGR splitter kit

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What's a splitter and why do you need one? Splitters do exactly what they say - split the air. The goal is to keep as much air out from under the car as possible, and make sure what air does get under the car is smooth and stable. Doing so decreases drag and increases downforce (or decreases lift), making the car more stable at speed. This splitter does all of that while not requiring any body modifications. 

If you have a dedicated track-only car and you want the absolute best aero, our 9Lives splitter mounts, splitter, and air dam together is the best solution. They're a serious commitment though, as they require that you chop up your bumper and drill lots of holes in it. If you're looking for a solution that gives you most of the benefit but requires no permanent modifications and is easy to remove when you go back to street duty, look no further.  This splitter bolts up easily (especially after the initial setup) and requires no body modifications. Extremely adjustable, both vertically and horizontally, so it should work with aftermarket lips (such as our GV and R-pkg / RS lips for NAs) as well as giving you the ability to adjust how far it sticks out. 

The base kit includes the mounting kit, support rods, hardware, and a CNC-cut cardboard template so you can cut your own splitter out of whatever material you'd like (we suggest 1/2" plywood if you're not going to use our aluminum splitter). Please note that this kit does not include hardware to mount the splitter to the mount, as your needs may vary. If you'd like a complete solution, choose the aluminum splitter as well. This includes a splitter made of .125" 5052 aluminum (bare), trim for the leading edge, and hardware to mount it to the mounting kit. We use 5052 aluminum as it's very resilient - not as strong as the 6061-T6 used for the supports, but it's better able deflect and stay intact in case of an impact. That said, be aware that it's definitely possible to damage if you hit it hard enough. The full kit (with aluminum splitter) adds just 18 lbs to the car.

If your bumper isn't flat on the bottom, be sure to add the the splitter seal. This takes up the contours so you still have a good seal. If you have anything that's flat on the bottom, such as a stock bumper with or without GV or R-pkg / RS lip, you shouldn't need the seal, but it is available separately if you find that you need it later. 

Fits great with our turbo kits. 

Be sure to add the spats / deflectors to cover your front tires and clean up that messy aero - using the two of them together decreases drag even further and also improves brake cooling by evacuating the air in the wheel well faster.



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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997


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