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NA FM reroute hose bracket kit

NA FM reroute hose bracket kit

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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

Shipping restrictions: None

Warranty: 1 year

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Reroutes are great, but the hose routing is a little clumsy. This 3D-printed bracket helps fix that by holding the hose in the ideal location. Very easy install, and it holds the hose securely without any need for hose clamps or zip-ties. Works with any hose that's roughly 1.5" outside diameter. Works with or without the (unnecessary) stock intake manifold brace.

Customer Reviews

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Did not work

Good quality, but did not work for my application. Bought the correct one for the NA and followed installation instructions. Using a FM reroute and cross flow radiator but it pulled the coolant hose into the throttle cable pulley. May work if EGR and fuel lines are moved but with current routing did not. Ended up using the relay spacer provided and a adding a P clamp in their place with a longer bolt.

We reached out to Charlie for clarification on this but never heard back. Our assumption is that they have a 1995 Miata, which has a really goofy throttle pulley that's much larger than the not-95 throttle pulleys. This is something that can be addressed by using our upright adapter hose with the standard reroute hose.