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NA one-piece dual gauge pod

NA one-piece dual gauge pod

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21-16570 1990-97


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Most of our gauge pods slip over top of the stock trim. They're held in place with fasteners and there's a visible seam between the stock part and the pod. Not with these - this is a full replacement for the stock interior trim and uses factory fasteners (at the top). Note that two holes need to be drilled (screws and aesthetic caps included) to hold it in place. It looks as if the factory intended the gauges to be there. Fits all NA Miatas.

Holds two 2 1/16" gauges - also known as 2".

Customer Reviews

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Very Clean Look

This gauge pod setup fit into the car like stock, and I didn't have to trim the gauge pod slots to fit the boost or wideband.
The only small complaint I have is, theres no way to drill the center screw for this when your gauges are already in. On the flipside, you CAN screw the A'pillar in place, but then you cant put your bottom gauge in.

moral of the story is, install your gauges first, and then firm up the A'pillar to the stock contact points, and lastly drill and screw for the top hole. that should be plenty of assurance that A'pillar isnt going to rattle around.


I purchased recently for my aem uego 2 1/16 gauge and 52mm boost gauge neither of them fit without modification