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NA/NB vent gauge pod

NA/NB vent gauge pod

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A-pillar gauge pods can be great, but they're not for everyone. Maybe you don't want a bulky A-pillar, or maybe you want a stealthier look. Here ya go. This is an adapter that allows a 2-1/16" (52mm) gauge to be easily installed where the stock vents originally were. Works with NAs and NBs, in any of the "eyeball" vent locations. You could band-aid your gauge into place by disassembling your stock vent, using part of it, and layering tape to increase the OD on the gauge, but that will still leave an ugly edge around the gauge. It'll work, but it's not a terribly clean solution. This is just about as clean as it gets, is a perfect fit, and is fully reversible. 

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make money from their hard work and ingenuity. 

Customer Reviews

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Great solution, suggest a few small tweaks

As Aaron said below, this is a really simple, elegant solution to aftermarket gauges for people who want to keep their double-din radio and think a-pillar gauge mounts are a little too boy-racer. I also agree that a bit more finish on the front face at least would be a great improvement - I spent about an hour sanding and painting mine to get them up to more of an OEM-level look.

Also, rather than a smooth front face, May I suggest a circular indent that allows the 52mm gauge bezel to be recessed by a few mm? A less protruding fit would make it look even more clean and natural. If I had access to a lathe (or maybe a hole saw and some courage), i'd give it a go myself.

Overall a great solution for a low price though - recommended.

Good suggestions, thanks! The difficulty with making the bezel recessed is that while the body of al 52mm gauges are consistent, the OD of the bezel isn't - so the recess would match some gauges, be awkwardly small on others, and pointless (i.e., covered) on others.

Fits perfect, finish could use some work

What else is there to say? This fits the vent perfectly and the gauge slides beautifully into place. Fitment is great. The piece has that 3D printed look, which isn’t a big deal, but I hit it with some trim paint to bring down the sheen a bit and it looks fine.