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Heavy duty sway bar mounts for NA/NB chassis

Heavy duty sway bar mounts for NA/NB chassis

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Under extreme use, the stock front sway bar mounts on the Miata can tear right off the frame. This is usually only a concern with oversize sway bars and motorsport use with sticky tires, but it can happen in these conditions. The NB is weaker than the NA in this regard.

The solution comes from AWR in the form of these upgraded mounts. Fully boxed, they're much more effective than band-aid solutions. To install, you'll have to drill out a couple of spot welds to remove the old mounts and bolt these ones in to place. No welding is required and all hardware is included. Mounting points for both 1990-93 and 1994-05 sway bars are included, which is useful if you have a 1.6 with a 1.8 engine and need to move the sway further forward for a little more room up by the pulley.

Fits all NA and NB Miatas. Sold in pairs. We have found that these are made to fit very, very tightly to the chassis and will likely require a hammer to force into place. Some power steering cars will need to disconnect the lines running to the cooler so they can run through these boxed brackets. They'll fit fine once routed through the new bracket. 

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