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Carbon Miata NA front sequential turn signals

Carbon Miata NA front sequential turn signals

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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

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Need to spruce up the front lighting in your NA? Here's your solution, straight from our friends at Carbon Miata. These are 100% plug-and-play lights* that don't need an additional resistor to avoid the dreaded LED hyperflash / fast blink. They have a unique but very clean look, with a white oval for the running lights with the lower bar illuminating sequentially for the turn signals. They're new (not modified stock units), low-profile, injection-molded units and are a great match for our DRL modification (below). Available in smoke or clear. 

*Be aware that your stock bulb plugs into a socket that's attached to a pigtail. You'll remove that pigtail, and plug this into that plug, not the socket in your stock housing.

NOTE: Miatas using the factory DRL module will experience different results. Mazda's module illuminates the turn signal circuit as the DRL, so you will see a solid amber output of the lower half of the light instead of the complete white ring. Turning the headlights on deactivates the DRL allowing for the lights to illuminate in white. This can be remedied by either removing the DRL module (if your local laws allow), or by installing one of our DRL modules, which allows for the park light circuit to function as the DRL.

Watch the first video for a quick demonstration of the lights, and watch the second video for even more information!