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NA Front Lip Brake Duct Kit

NA Front Lip Brake Duct Kit

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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Do you have an R-package lip (knock-offs are often referred to as RS lips) and you want to finally connect those holes to brake ducts to make them functional? Here's your solution. These attach to the outlet of the holes in your lip and very smoothly transition them to 2.5" or 3.0" holes to connect to brake duct hose, which can then be connected to backing plates to feed all of the cooling air directly to your front brakes. They install cleanly, with loads of tire clearance. Clearly labeled left and right. 

These kits include the hardware to mount the ducts to your lip, including spacers to help account for the varying thickness of different options on the market. Be aware that while these fit very well, there could be a bit of variation with your specific lip since there are so many different options. These should work with both OE and aftermarket R-pkg lip spoilers, but won't work with other styles, such as the GV lip. 

These kits include everything for the inlet, but they do not include hose or backing plates. Be sure to add a backing plate kit (below) if you don't already have one.

Not sure what kind of lip you have? Check out the picture above. The knock-offs go by different names, but they should all look like what's shown in the picture. 

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make some money from their hard work and ingenuity. This particular part was designed by our new friend, Frederico Maccario. You can find him @maccmiata on Instagram. 


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