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Flyin' Miata spring set (NA chassis)

Flyin' Miata spring set (NA chassis)

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FM springs are well known for providing a good balance of street ability and track performance. Their combination of ride height and spring rate means your Miata will ride and handle better than you would expect from a set of performance springs. We give the suspension room to work. While these rates might sound high compared to some other springs on the market, they are stiff enough to keep your car off the bumpstops. Softer springs will often give a worse ride because they allow you to blow through your suspension travel and end up on the stops.

There's more going on than you think, though. See that section with the tighter coils? Those are designed to act as a secondary spring, keeping the spring from going loose under full droop. We've specified a powdercoat with a high zinc content for extra corrosion resistance, too.

How much will they lower your car? We can't tell you, because Mazda changed the ride height of Miatas over the years. However, if you measure from the center of the wheel to the fender lip, you can compare your car to the final result. It's not a huge drop but once you drive the car you'll appreciate how well it works.

Front springs: 318 lb/in
Rear springs: 233 lb/in
Front ride height: 12.5"
Rear ride height: 13"

Set of four. Not recommended with stock shocks - the higher spring rates are too much for stock shocks to handle. These will only work with stock-format shocks, such as our Koni Sports, they won't work with coilovers like V-Maxxes. 

A recent redesign means these springs now work flawlessly with Koni Sport shocks and FM rear mounts.



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Emissions do not apply.


1 year


13-46500 1990-97 V2

Customer Reviews

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Perfect street upgrade

Firstly, for those who prefer pinch weld measurement these springs sit right about 5" front and rear (might be more like 4-7/8" F & 5-1/8" R) on stock tires. So far this seems an ideal height for performance with regular street use.

I paired the springs with new Illumina shocks and FM bump stops. Ride is worlds better than the factory R Package suspension and nearly as soft as the non-R, despite the stiffer spring rates. Balance is mostly unchanged from stock, just a little more rear bias, so a large front sway bar is recommended.

Simply the best.

Great ride quality, performance, and price. Stop reading and get your credit card already.

This (and new shocks) should be your first upgrade!

Paired these with a set of Billies and the handling is remarkable! Smoother than stock, but also firm and controlled. The car stays nice and flat through corners, eliminating TONS of body roll compared to stock. Ride height has been reduced on my 1994 M Edition about .5 inch. FM's instructions, as always are very helpful and they give good tips!

Excellent product, highly recommend

Easy installation, and paired with the koni sports adjustable shocks it got rid of my horrible deceleration noise..go figure. You do not need spring compressors for install, with koni sports.

For Miata's from Miata Folks

I have had a set since 2005 on my 93LE and love them…..In fact i'm here to order another set for my wife.
Great ride, no settling like some other brands.