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NA6 Flyin' Miata catalytic converter

NA6 Flyin' Miata catalytic converter

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06-76000 1990-93


Instructions are not currently available.


Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

Shipping restrictions: Cannot be shipped to California or Colorado

Warranty: lifetime (body), 5 years/50k miles (catalytic converter)

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Free flowing for better performance yet $300 less than stock! This converter is somewhat louder than an OEM converter and it`s perfect for Miatas with turbochargers! The same stainless steel flanges used on our exhausts are also used on the cats. 5 yr/50,000 mile limited warranty on the body and flanges, 25,000 mile warranty on the converter internals (its ability to pass an emissions test). Comes with gaskets and bolts.

Works with all exhausts that follow the stock flange locations, orientations, and sizes - which is most but not all. The cat is a 300-cell ceramic unit. 

As with all of our catalytic converters, this cat is emissions-certified. Specifically, it's EPA-approved for this application. Please note that these are not CARB legal and we cannot ship them to California. They're also not legal in states requiring CARB cats. Specifically, they're illegal in California and Colorado for 1990-1993. They're also illegal in New York, but only for 1993 (legal in NY for 1990-1992). They're currently legal in all other states, although laws change frequently and it's best to check with your state if you're unsure. 

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