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Flyin' Miata sway bar end links (NA front OR NA rear)

Flyin' Miata sway bar end links (NA front OR NA rear)

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13-99050 NA_FR



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Why do you need adjustable end links? Well, they allow you to remove any preload from the sway bar. They're not necessarily required with every aftermarket bar, but they are the last step in corner-weighting the car to ensure it's perfectly neutral.

The weakest point in adjustable end links is usually the rod end (or "Heim joint") at the ends. Rod ends allow for a good range of motion and they look like awesome race car parts, but they wear over time. The speed at which they wear depends on the quality of the bearing and the environment in which you live. Some inexpensive ones have a lifespan of 6 months. There's a reason you'll never see rod ends on production cars.

This is a custom end link made for us. No fragile or wear-prone heim joints here, we specified a rubber bushing at the bottom like the factory did so that it plays well with the stock mounting point. At the sway bar end, we went to a ball joint for maximium freedom of movement and OE-levels of durability.

The end link can be adjusted turnbuckle style, without disconnecting either end. Minimum length is approximately 3.375" center-to-center. Maximum length is approximately 4.125" center-to-center.

Sold in pairs, which will cover one sway bar. Two pairs are needed for a complete car.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
William H.
Excellent Quality and Technical Support !!

Great quick and prompt delivery services. The technical advice even a 5th grader like me could understand .... lol. I highly recommand Flyin' Miata !!

Aaron J.
NA Sway Bar Links

There's not a lot to say. They look great and feel nice and tight. So far they've been super easy when adjusting sway bar settings. They allow the sway bar to be set with zero tension at static ride height, and aid in corner balancing. They look great, and do what they are supposed to do.

Matthew H.
Broke in the first 2 months

I received these September 13th 2023 and installed them immediately. Today is November 8th 2023 and the link completely broke. I feared this would happen because the one they sent me had a stripped nut on it. I decided to run it anyway which was a mistake because now I can't return it. I hate having to buy this again especially because I have one that works perfectly on the other side. The worst part is I was recommended to buy these ones cause all the others were crap. Here goes another $60.

This is a first for us, and sounds very unusual. The only possibility we can think of is insufficient thread engagement, it's important that you don't exceed our quoted maximum length. Another way to look at it is to ensure that you have 1.5 diameters' worth of thread engagement in the center section.

Excellent quality - much needed

I installed 2 new pairs of end links as part of a mild suspension refresh I did this fall. Easily assembled and installed - also very easy to adjust. Was able to get my FM front and rear sway bars perfectly dialed in!

Solid End Links

These end links feel pretty nice and get the job done. Fairly easy to adjust, although as another review stated the nuts are quite small which wasn't an issue for me but may be for you. Instructions were provided, easy enough to follow along if you need them.