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MX5things RF roof controller

MX5things RF roof controller

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p>The RF top is gorgeous and easy, but the functionality could be better. Of course, what works for one person may not be great for the next, so ideally it could be customized to what each person wants. Fortunately, this RF roof controller from MX5things solves those problems and more:  One-touch top - raise or lower your top with a single button push, no more holding the button down until it's done.  Invert switch logic - does it seem like the controls are backward from what they should be? Same here. Another easy fix with this module.  Raise or lower the top while driving - no more 6 mph (10 kph) limit, it can now be up to 30 mph (50 kph).  Reverse override - move the top while in reverse.  Valet mode - turn the module off with an easy key sequence.  Open and close the roof from the key fob with two or three clicks (programmable). ACC/IG controller (below) required for this functionality.

Default programming of the RF roof module:

One-touch normal top switch function 30mph max speed to raise or lower the top Three clicks on the fobs lock/unlock buttons to raise or lower the top (ACC/IG module required)

Programmable - plug your laptop (Mac or PC) in via USB, and control what options you want active and what values you'd like - e.g., you can change the speed limit for top operation to 15mph. The module can also be updated with this same method.

Simple installation, no cutting wires. Setting everything up is easy but it does require a laptop and some basic computer skills. If you're good with the default programming (above), no laptop is required. 

When installed along with the MX5things ACC/IG power controller (linked below), allows for remote control of the roof using the key fobs. For maximum functionality, we recommend also installing the MX5things RF auto roll-up window controller (linked below, be sure to choose the RF version) which allows for key fob control of the side windows. 

Please note that this module will not change the functionality of the power windows, you'll still need to manually raise them after putting the top up. That said, if you also get the ACC/IG module and the window module, the windows will go all the way up when you command it via the key fob with the appropriate number of clicks. So you can easily completely close the car as you walk away as long as you have all three modules. You can also program multiple modules to have the same number of clicks. Say you want the car to completely open or close with three clicks - no problem, just set the roof and window modules to three clicks and that will happen. To be extra-clear, that's three clicks in total to control the roof and windows - you don't have to do the triple-click twice. You can also combine as you'd like. E.g., the car in the video has the windows set to two clicks and the top to three clicks - three clicks once puts everything (top and windows) up or down at once. 

Software downloads - RF roof software v1.2:

For PC 








Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rich H.
I love this when it works

When I first installed the roof controller about a year and half ago I had a few issues that sorted themselves out and it was awesome. Love this thing. Set the upper speed to 20mph, added the window and accessory controllers so I could open with my remote as I walked up. Worked so sweet.

Then about two months ago I started getting top errors. Sometimes it's an alarm about going to fast for the top, even though I'm not touching it. Some times I'd try to open and it would fail and not work. Then one time it failed half way through opening and I spent 10 minutes shutting off the car, starting the car, trying the top, rinse and repeat until I could finally get it closed again.

I need to take things apart again and reseat everything to hopefully lower the failure count.

But, that being said, I still love it when it works. If it keeps failing and I can't get it fixed I might have to just buy another to replace this one. It's that darn good.

This is something that MX5Things will likely be able to get sorted out, since this was purchased from them, please reach out to them to see if they can help.

Why didn't Mazda think of this

This functionality is great and really should be stock functionality. The programming was super easy and user-friendly. One thing I'd like to mention is that I did this installation on my 2022 RF Club and although the existing wiring structure was similar there were a few differences in nut/plate placement. The nut to remove behind the trim was next to impossible for me to remove even with someone holding the trim back. The nut was recessed making getting any wrench in there very difficult. I ended up having to remove the nut below the cover plate and then crush my hands to get the harness and connectors in there. Took a bit longer than expected but it was well worth the effort.

Just M.
I'm hooked

It took me a while to get this installed d/t not having the right tools as suggested, but man it was worth the sweat! I love this mod soooooooooo much. I hope I don't mess up the function from all the opening and closing I'm doing now. Thanks guys!!! I appreciate you. ❤️

Daniel H.
OEM Quality with Improved Features

Couldn’t be happier. All the wiring was high quality, and the connectors are like OEM. Instructions were clear and everything works perfectly.

just get it

halk this one up in the “aftrr install youll wonder how you ever lived without it” category. took a little less than an hour to install, you will cut up your hands a bit but thats ok. between not having to hold the button for 15 seconds and the ability to start the top up or down as youre slowing to a light or stop sign and even finish if needed when slowly pulling away from said stop, it greatly enhances the utility of the rf. do it!