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MX5things ACC/IG power controller, 2016-2023

MX5things ACC/IG power controller, 2016-2023

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The push-button ignition on ND Miatas adds a lot of convenience but does have a drawback. When you press the button to shut off the engine, it also shuts off the accessory circuit as well. That will interrupt anything on the infotainment system (radio, Bluetooth calling, etc.) and requires the start/stop button to be pressed again, plus a little time before you are back to having those systems powered back on.

This clever power controller from MX5things keeps the accessory circuit powered after shutting off the engine up until either the driver side door is opened or 10 minutes after the engine has been shut off if the driver's door remains shut. The 10 minute auto shutdown ensures the battery will not drain down.

Plug and play, and fully reversible. No cutting of any wires. No programming required.

On RF Miatas that have the MX5things RF roof controller installed, this controller also allows you to put RF top up or down by using your key fobs.



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What does it fit?

Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF, 2023, 2023 RF


Emissions do not apply.


1 year



Customer Reviews

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Mark A.

Great addition to Roof controller for key fob control. Hard to install until you find out own technique. I loosened panels around the steering wheel for more clearance. You can go from the top instead of being upside down too.

Edward S.
I highly recommended this upgrade.

I found it was impossible to install. By taking off the plastic steering wheel column I was able to see the connectors. Which made it an easy install. Couldn't be happier

The way the car should have come from the factory

MichiganManND said it well, be patient and you will find the way to install this part in 10-15 minutes if you own a ND2.

One note to keep in mind is, the way this module is programmed, you must start your engine before the radio delay will work properly. Simply turning the car to accessory mode will do nothing.

It may sound like a simple mod, but you will not need to deal with the dreaded radio startup delay if you restart your car within a few minutes of turning it off. This part is worth every penny for the convenience it provides.

Tilt wheel folks pay attention! Short Cut!!!

Read the normal instructions and look at to identify the components, follow the mx5 things instructions and caveats.

This is just a short cut if you have the tilt wheel.

As the man once said the juice is worth the squeeze,... It was not without a little a cussing till I figured out the short cut. its so cool to pair with the roof controller and between the two units it fixes several really annoying little quirks. I would so do this again. Let me share some wisdom I gathered the hard way. First if you are doing this to a ND2 with a tilt wheel you are blessed. All others will have to do it the hard way - enlist someone who is nearsighted, has short arms and long strong fingers and happens to be a contortionist.

Now if you have a tilt wheel do the following, Tilt your wheel all the way up and out, locate the connector module- it is mounted to the passenger side of the steering shaft, look through the little hole you create when you raised the tilt wheel, slide a long screw driver with a small blade through the hole you created when you tilted the wheel up) into the back of module (left side of the connector , slide the blade in and depress the latch as you wiggle that module off the post and toward you, once the module is free it will let the connectors drop down and you can pretty easily see the connection you need to remove and add the harness, reconnect your battery and test as per the normal instructions if it works you just need to put the module back on the post , slide it till it clicks. Make sure the harness stuff is stowed and not rubbing. You can do what I just described in ten minutes and you don't have to kill yourself. Without a tilt wheel it's much harder. It's a great mod and you get excellent support from MX5 things. Class act. Thank you.

Note from FM: Great suggestion, thanks!

A great addition to the car

I primarily added this so that I could use my key fob to control not just my windows, but also my roof controller. It works really well. There is a a bit of a delay when doing the roof as everything needs to turn on for a moment, but it's really nice. Having the radio not turn off right away is great. It also means I don't have to leave the car running when I'm on the phone and arrive at a destination