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MX5things ACC/IG power controller

MX5things ACC/IG power controller

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The push-button ignition on ND Miatas adds a lot of convenience but does have a drawback. When you press the button to shut off the engine, it also shuts off the accessory circuit as well. That will interrupt anything on the infotainment system (radio, Bluetooth calling, etc.) and requires the start/stop button to be pressed again, plus a little time before you are back to having those systems powered back on.

This clever power controller from MX5things keeps the accessory circuit powered after shutting off the engine up until either the driver side door is opened or 10 minutes after the engine has been shut off if the driver's door remains shut. The 10 minute auto shutdown ensures the battery will not drain down.

Plug and play, and fully reversible. No cutting of any wires. No programming required.

On RF Miatas that have the MX5things RF roof controller installed, this controller also allows you to put RF top up or down by using your key fobs.

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