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Morimoto XB 3.0 LED reverse light bulbs, 921, 350 lumens

Morimoto XB 3.0 LED reverse light bulbs, 921, 350 lumens

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Morimoto has become the go-to guys in the aftermarket lighting industry for most everything high-quality, awesome in output, and solid in style and they've applied all of that to the 921 (or T15) bulb. This one is designed specifically to function as a reverse light, concentrating light output directly out the back to give you the light exactly where you need it the most. They even come with a two-year warranty.

The 921 is the correct bulb for the reverse lights on an NC Miata. Though it is the correct size bulb for the NA third brake light as well, we do not recommend it for that application due to the focused light output that will result in an undesirable appearance.

Sold in pairs. 

350 lumens. 

Color: 5500K - pure white