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Morimoto XB 3.0 LED rear side marker bulbs, 194R, 80 lumens

Morimoto XB 3.0 LED rear side marker bulbs, 194R, 80 lumens

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Morimoto has become the go-to guys in the aftermarket lighting industry for most everything high-quality, awesome in output, and solid in style and they've applied all of that to the most common LED bulb in the business, the 194 (or T10). The XB LED bulbs produce plenty of light to improve illumination while adding a modern touch to your vehicle's lighting. They illuminate perfectly evenly, not spotty like the surface mounted chips found on other bulbs. They even come with a two year warranty.

The 194 is the correct bulb for the rear corner lights on an NA or ND - as well as thousands of other applications around the industry. This is a red bulb, as you want to match the color of your LED to the color of the lens.

Sold in pairs. As these bulbs are not part of the turn indicators on a Miata, no modifications to the flasher is required.

These are just the bulbs. We also have full replacement lights for the front corner lights that are either smoked or white when off, if you want to change the look of your car further.

80 lumens.