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Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 LED headlights, 7" round

Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 LED headlights, 7" round

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Warranty: 5 years

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We've spent a lot of time looking into the catalog of options for seven inch round LED bulb headlights for the NA Miatas and couldn't find any that we felt met our standards in terms of balancing function, cost, and appearance. That is, until we came across the Morimoto Sealed7 2.0. With low beams putting out a whopping 2400 lumens, it is hard to imagine a need for high beams, but they’re there with an astounding 4300 lumens of output. The UV coated Polycarbonate lens is shatter proof and will take years of abuse without fading. Backed by a lengthy 5-year warranty, you can rest assured these are built to last.

While the numbers are impressive, what's most impressive about these lights is their combination of bright light with a great pattern. They throw light very far, but do so without blinding anyone. They also throw a ton of light to the sides, so it's much easier to spot that deer trying to ruin your day. The pattern is also very consistent - they're not extremely bright in one place but dim everywhere else, they're simply bright everywhere they should be. It's difficult to convey how good they are in pictures, but they're among the best headlights we've seen in any car, regardless of age or price. These aren't cheap, but if you want the best, these are it. 

Installers also have the option of wiring in a quad-optic setup. Three flying leads give the option of a high intensity white daytime running light, a low-intensity white daytime running light (with low beams on), and a high-intensity amber turn signal.

These lights will come with an adapter harness to be able to plug directly into the Miata’s H4 connector. They also come with the extra small parts that you need for a Miata installation - they won't work as-is without these parts. We do recommend removing the rubber flap below the headlight so that it does not scratch the lens when the lights are down.

Sold in pairs, DOT compliant.

Light color: 5000K (pure white)

Note: These headlights do have a left-hand drive beam pattern and thus are not suitable for use on right-hand drive cars.

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