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Exterior microphone mount

Exterior microphone mount

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Car videos are great, but terrible wind noise isn't. Neither are videos with a distant - or missing altogether - exhaust note. Here's an easy solution. This mounts to one of your license plate bolts and has an integrated clip for your microphone. It also has an integrated channel for a zip-tie (not included) as a safeguard in case you're not confident in the clip on your mic. Thanks to its location, it's hidden from the wind (although you'll likely still need the furry wind cover), so you hear all of what you want and none of what you don't. Works with DJI mics and Rode Wireless Go Mics, and likely other small, similar, mics.  (Toy Miata not included.)

This is another part from our You Design program, which gives the DIY community an outlet for their designs and an opportunity to make some money from their hard work and ingenuity.