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Mazdaspeed exhaust and midpipe

Mazdaspeed exhaust and midpipe

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Exclusive to Flyin` Miata and designed specifically for the Mazdaspeed MX-5, this exhaust will improve spoolup and support higher boost levels when paired with our downpipe. We measured a 23 hp and 26 lb-ft increase on our dyno. A handmade muffler allows the exhaust note to be a little deeper and a little louder, but still well behaved. It`s the sound the car should have had from the factory! It`s also the performance the car should have had from the factory, really.

Adding the exhaust system alone will allow the car to reach peak power 300 rpm sooner than stock and will save 6.5 lbs. Why did we not use the standard Mazda flange locations? Because we found that this design gave better performance and less noise. It`s also easier to build. And as a bonus, the whole system has a lifetime warranty. Warranty details.

For Mazdaspeed MX-5 only, not compatible with any other models. Legal in all states, including California. Legal for Solo II in stock class.

The FM midpipe flange and the factory downpipe flange use a different gasket in order to seal the exhaust system. We are aware the seal is not perfect and we found the best seal can be obtained by using the factory donut gasket. This imperfect seal will not be an issue with a Flyin` Miata downpipe. Lifetime warranty. 2.5" piping, 3" polished tip.

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