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Mazdaspeed intake package

Mazdaspeed intake package

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2004 MSM, 2005 MSM

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The stock Mazdaspeed comes from the factory with a restrictive intake, a leaky bypass valve and a throttle body inlet pipe that inflates and blows off under boost. Flyin' Miata has developed solutions for all of these problems and this package includes them all. Safe for use with a stock ECU, this combination will improve spoolup, increase power and is a good foundation for further modifications. When combined with our exhaust system, customers have seen 200 hp at the rear wheels - a 50 hp gain. All pipes are made of polished stainless steel while the blow-off valve is black anodized aluminum. Easy installation.

We strongly recommend installing both the throttle body inlet upgrade and intake upgrade together, as they are designed to work with each other. This is for both performance and durability reasons. Installing just one will require problem-solving and some creativity in some of the vacuum lines. We offer the intake kit without the throttle body inlet upgrade for customers that already have it, not so that the intake upgrade can be used without the throttle body inlet kit. 

Sorry, this kit won't work with RHD cars as there are complications with the location of the ABS module and A/C lines. Please note that we can't ship this to California as it's not CARB-legal. 

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