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Mazdaspeed intake package

Mazdaspeed intake package

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Fits: 2004 MSM, 2005 MSM

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

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Warranty: 1 year

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The stock Mazdaspeed comes from the factory with a restrictive intake, a leaky bypass valve and a throttle body inlet pipe that inflates and blows off under boost. Flyin' Miata has developed solutions for all of these problems and this package includes them all. Safe for use with a stock ECU, this combination will improve spoolup, increase power and is a good foundation for further modifications. When combined with our exhaust system, customers have seen 200 hp at the rear wheels - a 50 hp gain. All pipes are made of polished 304 stainless steel while the blow-off valve is black anodized aluminum. Easy installation.

Sorry, this kit won't work with RHD cars as there are complications with the location of the ABS module and A/C lines. Please note that we can't ship this to California as it's not CARB-legal. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tim G.
Fixes so many issues and a little of the personality

This intake system is amazing, should have bought it years ago. Power delivery is much smoother, no more “light switch” on and off for power. Intake noise is louder (and better in my opinion), and listening to the recirc valve on shifts is fun. Because the power delivery smooths out so much you do lose some of the character but the noise replaces some of that, and I’m sure adding more boost more than makes up for the rest. One thing I would suggest sourcing ahead of time is a high temp 3/4” 90 degree hose to replace the stock unit off the factory bypass valve. Mine split on removal and there are plenty of affordable ones out there.

Best Power Mod for the Money

This completely transforms the car.
First off, you should buy a boost gauge with this kit, it will help a lot when messing with the boost controller.
Also, I will say that I did not notice any difference with the O2 signal modifier on or off. But your experience may vary.
You get more power sooner in the revs and more power overall.
Of course the best part is you get to hear all the beautiful turbo noises and the sound of the bov/recirculation valve.

Best mod ever.

WOW! Took about 4 hours to install because there were some questionable previous mods from the previous owner... but this kit transforms the MSM. If you're looking for more power and some awesome turbo sound - get this kit first.

Update to previous review

I said in a previous review that it caused problems with the MAF. It doesn't. I was misreading an error code for the MAP sensor which was caused by my own error. I even reinstalled the oiled filter, no problem (probably should let it air out overnight after you remove the plastic, though, because I do think that initial sluggishness was the MAF sensor).

Loses one star for oiled filter so close to MAF

This is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a little extra oomph, because it gives a lot of extra oomph for the cost. I just wish Flyin� Miata didn�t use an oiled air filter, because it constantly interferes with the MAF sensor, the two being so close together.

The kit was fairly easy to install, but there were a lot of steps. I bought this as part of a Little Enchilada minus the intercooler, which I bought from Fab9. The hardest part was cutting the intercooler piping and figuring out exactly where the boost gauge and O2 signal modifier piped in and who went first (if you�re experienced with turbos, it should be obvious, but I wasn�t), but everything related to this kit, specifically, was extremely straight-forward.

I can’t comment on performance gains from the intake kit, alone, since I stalled the downpipe and exhaust system at the same time, but altogether it really does feel like the 40% gain that�s advertised.

And the noises are very entertaining. They�re much more prominent than the exhaust note and distract from it, but they don�t drown it out and the Flyin Miata MSM exhaust is quieter under load than it is at idle�when the turbo isn�t making any noise anyway. I never get tired of it, but my Miata isn�t my daily and I can see it being annoying for someone that doesn�t want the whooshes and whines and the ptu-ptu-ptu-ptus all the time.

The only real downside is the fact that FM chose to include an oiled filter. I just can�t understand why. Oiled filters are notorious for clogging up MAF sensors and are really outdated; they worked great when cars used carburetors, because the oil didn�t interfere with anything, but they will almost always cause problems with cars that have an ECU because they inevitably will coat the MAF or MAP sensors in oil, inhibiting their ability to function properly.

Almost immediately my MAF sensor went on the fritz and I thought I had a vacuum leak it was so bad. Running the codes, I got a P0106, which is a MAF sensor malfunction. Cleared the code and it immediately came back at idle. Cleaned the sensor with MAF cleaner and an air blower and the code was gone, until I gave the car some hard acceleration. Then it�s back, but not screwing with performance as much. Since then I have cleaned the sensor five times, and my check engine light is still on because the P0106 code keeps getting triggered. I�ve had to dock this intake one star because of the headache the oiled filter has cause and the fact I�ve had to spend $60 on a replacement filter that isn�t oiled.

Note from FM: P0106 is an EGR boost sensor code on the MSM, and is a well-known problem for that car that's unrelated to the choice of intake. We've reached out to KFMush to help troubleshoot his car and fix the problem once and for all. We've been using oiled filters on MSMs for nearly 15 years and on Miatas for 25, and they have shown themselves to be trouble-free over that time. Other vehicles such as Subarus are far more sensitive to them.