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Master cylinder brace

Master cylinder brace

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Now made of stainless steel!

Under hard braking, the firewall will actually deform, allowing the brake pedal, booster and master cylinder to move. This flex takes away some of your brake pedal stiffness and makes it more difficult to balance the car on the edge of lockup because there's essentially a big spring in the system. You'll find your braking will be more precise and will require less pedal travel.

This simple brace bolts into your Miata and keeps the master cylinder right where it's supposed to be. It's adjustable for a perfect fit. Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

For left hand drive cars only! Fits 1990-05 Miatas except for cars with the big double-size brake booster (2001-02 without ABS, 2001-05 Sport non-Mazdaspeed with ABS). If your booster is 3" thick measured from the firewall, it will fit. 4" boosters will not. There may be interference with the factory NA airbox that will require modification.

Not compatible with factory shock tower braces, although it is compatible with all Flyin' Miata braces. Does not fit with our Randall Cowl Intake on the 1990-97 cars, but it does fit on the 1999-05. Also, you must have at least 1/4" of exposed threads above the nuts on your shock bolts.

1990-93 cars with the original front upper mounts cannot fit both this brace and our shock tower brace due to the length of the studs on the upper shock mounts. Also, 1990-91 cars without the rear mounting hole will require a hole to be drilled and some reshaping of the fender with a hammer.

1999-2005 cars with washer bottles over the exhaust manifold will require modification to the bottle / bracket / and/or brace. 

Customer Reviews

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M M.

One star! Believe me you, I wanted to live this piece. I was even going to give it a home to live inside my engine. But alas! ! ! The supriesty swine refuses to fit with my huge boosted brake booster. Does anyone care? Are we the freaks that are soft in the dust and unable to enjoys it's benefits which I've heard are significant. So... That is my one star reason. Anyway. My only Return was super simple and the guys understood. Sort of.

Yeah, while this brace fits with most stock boosters, it doesn't fit with the extra-deep NB boosters - check the product description for more details. We're sorry it didn't work with your setup!

Great improvement to pedal stiffness

Easy to install, looks cool, does the job & isn't overpriced.

I noticed hard stops got most of the improvement!

Very effective

I take my Miata to the track and it doesn’t have ABS. Heel toe and threshold braking has become much easier because the force that I need to push down on the brake pedal is more consistent. I also use less force to accomplish threshold braking since I’m not wasting energy by flexing the firewall. Very happy with this purchase!

Great product!

Easy to install. I noticed the difference immediately. A simple piece that works well!

Dont think. Buy it!

This little thing makes a huge difference. Installed this on my 94 and it helped with firming up the pedal when you hit the brakes hard. Now I'm able to modulate my brake pedal pressure to get a better feel of when the wheels are about to lock up (non ABS driver).

Definitely worth every dollar.