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M1 Hard Dog Hard Core roll bar

M1 Hard Dog Hard Core roll bar

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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Emissions do not apply.

Cannot be shipped outside the US

Warranty: none

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1.75" 0.120" wall DOM tubing. SCCA Solo I compliant, although you'll still have to sit low enough in the car to clear any helmet clearance limitations. In order to get this bar tall, it has to sit fairly far forward so we prefer the Sport for street use. That can be translated as "you're more likely to hit your head on the bar, so we strongly suggest getting a pad and wrap". 

Includes a harness bar (except for the X brace model). However, the bar does interfere with a glass rear window. If you want to run a glass window, see our "M2" version. The M2 version does not include a harness bar, but includes harness tabs instead.

Interferes with the side latches on a hardtop, so you'll either have to bolt the top on or run without the side latches. No clearance problems for the soft top.

Available with single or double diagonals. Also available with an X brace for maximum rear visibility, or with no diagonals at all - the latter is not SCCO Solo I compliant.

Black powdercoat. Intended for NA models, although it will work for NB models IF you're using a plastic window or no soft top (remember that this will interfere with the side latches on a hardtop). Again, it will NOT work with a stock, glass-window NB soft top. 

Shipping note: These bars will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer. These bars are usually kept in stock. If not, depending on where the bars are in the production process, it could take approximately 2-6 weeks for delivery. Since they're drop-shipped, the tracking number process isn't automated and could be delayed.

If you would like one shipped outside the US, or if you're in Alaska or Hawai'i, please contact Hard Dog Fabrication directly.