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Low profile banjo bolts (pair)

Low profile banjo bolts (pair)

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If you're trying to fit certain 15" wheels with bulkier barrels (like the TR Motorsport C3M or the 15x8 Jongbloed) over the stock 2001-05 Sport front brakes, you may find clearance to be very tight or non-existent on the front. The culprit is the stock banjo bolt that connects the brake line to the caliper.

This low-profile bolt gives you an extra few millimeters of clearance. To be specific, the head of the bolt, with both crush washers, is about 8mm tall. It's the same one included in our stainless steel brake line kits. These will work for both front and rear, but are only (sometimes) necessary for fitment on front calipers. Sold in pairs.

Customer Reviews

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A must for 15" wheels combined with Miata Sport Brakes

Easy to install. Don't forget to bleed your brakes before driving away. Needed on the front calipers on Miata's equipped with Sport Brakes so 15" wheels will clear. Order 1 package which contains two bolts. I ordered "2 qty" and got 4 bolts.