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Paco Motorsports 3" suspension lift kit

Paco Motorsports 3" suspension lift kit

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Fits: 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2004MSM 2005 2005MSM

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Now available! We worked with Paco Motorsports to improve the design of these. They're now more stable, stronger and are easier to fit.

Just look at that picture. Doesn't it make you giggle? This is a clever piece of work from Paco Motorsports.

This is a bolt-on lift for NA and NB Miatas. It basically extends your lower shock mounting point. Ride height will increase by 3" in the front and 3.25" in the rear. You can run tires up to 25.5" in diameter on an NA without fender modifications, but the front fascia on the late NB will interfere in this case. The car in the picture is on 215/65-15 tires, which are 26" in diameter and required some light massaging.

Installation is easy and 100% reversible. You will not gain any travel, your car will sit higher with the same amount of compression and droop travel that you have now. Keep in mind that your alignment will change with the increased ride height, and you will be limited in how much negative camber you can obtain. This is not liable to be a problem, as you're not going to want a track alignment when you're set up for gravel roads or dirt. But you should be aware. If you really do need extreme amounts of camber along with a high ride height, you can add our extended lower ball joints and Paco Motorsports adjustable rear upper control arms. But they won't be necessary in most builds.

Installation note: Please be aware that we are exploring the edges of sanity here. You may come across problems with wheel fitment or new and exciting interference problems with different spring/shock assemblies. Be prepared to deal with them. We have learned that some stock wheels (14" daisies and 2001 15" wheels) interfere with stock springs at full droop with this kit. There have also been reports of difficulties installing with stock shocks. You will have to fight against the bushings in the upper mounts to get the shocks to line up at full droop. There could be shock to control arm contact with certain setups at full droop. 

Sold as a complete set. Made of powdercoated steel.

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