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Diode Dynamics HP11 LED 3rd brake light bulb,1156R, 310 lumens

Diode Dynamics HP11 LED 3rd brake light bulb,1156R, 310 lumens

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You're driving a Miata. There's an Expedition behind you. Make sure they know you're stopping!

We use LEDs from Diode Dynamics because they're some of the best ones we've found. They're made to high standards, not just the minimum price. They've got constant-current circuitry to protect the bulbs from transients and offer a three year warranty.

The 1156 is the correct bulb for the third brake light on an NB Miata as well as thousands of other applications around the industry. At 310 lumens, it's brighter than stock and will give instant notification of your intent to stop! Red in color.

If you have cruise control and you replace all of your brake lights (not tail lights) with LEDs, your cruise control will no longer function.  For this reason, this option is best suited for cars without cruise control. For cars with cruise, we recommend the option shown below.

Sold individually.

310 lumen: Diode Dynamics HP11

1156 cross reference: BA15S, 1141, 2396, 67, 87, 12088, 1156NA, 97NA, 1095, 93, 97A, 1295NA, 97, 3497, 1073, 1295, 1195, 1156A, 7506, 199, 631, 1156ST, 1073LL, 1156LL, 7506L, 3497LL, 7506ST, 1156ALL, 97LL, 7506LL, 93LL, 631LL, 1141LL, 5008, 5007, 1155, 89, 57X, 105, 1003, 98, 1003LL, 67LL, 89LL, 105LL, 5008LL, 5007LL, 1155LL, P21W


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3 years


28-11610 310 LUMENS

Customer Reviews

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Well Made Bulb. Very bright. Too bright.

These lamps are very bright. If you have a white NA car, they will be brightest thing on the back of your car, even brighter than your LED tail lights. I just ordered a set of stock bulbs to replace them. The problem is this: When I am in a dark place and happen to look at the license plate portion of my car, the lamps are so bright that my night vision is spoiled. I can no longer see where I am walking. If you live in the city this is probably not a problem. I think that I may try these bulbs as back up lamps. That may work well.

It lights up...

Going full LEDs on my miata. Got around to installing this, it was very easy. Open the trunk and twist to remove the housing from the trunk and plop the light in. Ease of install and using less energy is the plus. The downside is although it is bright, it doesn't light the housing up like the stock bulb does. There is a quarter size bright light right in the middle and the rest of the housing is dimmer than the stock bulb.

Note from FM: Bryan's not wrong, there is a bright spot in the middle of the stock lens with these bulbs. They're still brighter (and easier to see) than stock overall, but the light isn't distributed as evenly.