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LED license plate light and housing for ND

LED license plate light and housing for ND

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If you want LED license plate lights for your ND, you have two options. Replace the bulbs or the whole housing. It's about $3 more to change out the housing, but there's no chance of accidental damage and everything remains watertight. Your call.

Simple plug-in wiring. Sold in pairs.



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3 years



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brilliant easy light upgrade

Ordered from the US but to fit a UK car as was on vacation for a while!
Fitted today and took less than 10 minutes. Yes, the Factory wiring is very short but I found the easiest way to fit was, once I had removed the OEM housing, I then put it up inside the bumper gap to get to the light fixing to twist that off. The new ones are just an easy exchange for the old bulb. Bit harder to get the right hand one but again, put the whole housing up into the bumper.
Great LED strip really is a whole lot better than the single old incandescent bulb, and possibly better that a single LED replacement bulb.
Very pleased UK customer!

Impressively bright if you have the patience and finesse to install them

It's a good product at a great price and is exactly as described - a pair of OEM-like housings with multiple white LEDs that plug-n-play with the stock wiring that clips right into your bumper as a direct replacement for your existing lights. I couldn't find an FM video for the installation but make sure to review the pdf in their Instructions section and watch a video or two on YouTube before starting this project. As others have mentioned, the factory wiring is short and the plug is hard to reach but if you have the patience and finesse to make the swap, you'll most likely be very pleased with the results.


Great quality and easy install.

Extremely Bright/Clean Modern Looks

Lights up the back of the car nicely and more evenly than just single bulb in the factory housing.

These replace the factory housings and have many small led's all over. Makes the lights bright but more even across the car.

May make you less likely to get rear ended at night? Also seems to have more light at night the the back up camera the pickup.

Nice lights for $20 but I just hope they last for a while.

Beautiful Bright White Bath of Light.

The install was just a little bit tougher, than I was thinking. The wire tucked up inside was way too short I had to reach up inside to break a wire connection clip fastened to the body. It was so short/tight I couldn't pull it out far enough to connect the housing. Also I'd suggest a small plastic trim tool to safely pry the clip back on the housings. It's worth it though the plate looks like it's on display now. Very nice.