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LED resistor kit (pair)

LED resistor kit (pair)

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Factory turn indicator flashers are designed to flash quickly if a bulb is burnt out. Unfortunately, the low resistance of an LED looks like a burnt out bulb to these flashers, which leads to "hyperflash". Hyperflash isn't cool.

We have alternative flashers that plug in to your Miata and solve the probem. But if you want to save a bit of money, we have this resistor kit.

Includes a pair of Diode Dynamics LED resistors plus a couple of three-way butt connectors to let you splice them in to your wiring harness - only FM offers the package with everything you need. Works with any vehicle that uses incandescent bulbs for the turn indicators.

One kit is enough for one pair of turn indicators. You'll need two kits if you're changing the bulbs at both ends of the car.