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Koni STR.T shock and bump stop set, NA

Koni STR.T shock and bump stop set, NA

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The Koni STR.T (aka Koni Orange) is a non-adjustable shock that is essentially a Koni Sport (Yellow) set to full soft. It's a very high quality replacement for stock shocks that comes with a lifetime warranty. Shocks are an important factor in your car's handling and ride, and the stock non-Bilsteins only last about 30,000 miles before needing replacement. Even Bilsteins have a lifespan of under 100,000 miles - and these Konis will ride better than a set of functioning stock Bilsteins anyhow.

Because of their valving, we do not recommend these shocks for cars with aftermarket springs. They do not have sufficient damping to control a spring with a higher spring rate, and the car will pogo around as if it had bad shocks. For that use, we recommend the Koni Sport. If you have lowering springs that have close-to-stock spring rates (which we strongly recommend against), our shock mounts (below, choose the 10mm version) can help you get some travel back. 

They will work with R Package springs, but may lead to a very slight decrease in ride height. 

Includes a set of our Multicellular Urethane bumpstops, which will improve ride quality, travel and the ability to absorb mid-corner bumps. This is an exclusive upgrade only at Flyin' Miata!

Unlike the adjustable Koni Sport, the STR.T uses the same shaft design as stock so no modifications are required to the upper mount.
UPDATE!: KONI has updated the STR.T Shock body design since we filmed this video. It no longer offers adjustable perch heights on the NA shock body and now will feature a fixed height.

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