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Koni sport shock, rear 2016+, adjustable

Koni sport shock, rear 2016+, adjustable

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New Koni Sport single rear shock for 2016+ Miatas. This includes the shock, perch, adjustment knob, and shock shaft hardware.

The Koni Sport has been around the Miata world for a couple of decades. They are exceptionally long-lived with a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. One of the fastest off-the-shelf shocks you can run in stock class autocross. 

This is the shock only and does not include the MCU bumpstops like many of our Koni kits do

The Sport has adjustable rebound damping, allowing it to work well with stock springs and stiffer units. 

Note: The Koni shocks have a 12mm shaft whereas the stock shaft is 10mm. You'll need to drill out the two washers on the upper mount to accommodate this. It's not a difficult task.