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Innovative 2006-2015 engine mount pair

Innovative 2006-2015 engine mount pair

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We've long shied away from polyurethane motor mounts as they typically increase the NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) quite a bit - okay for a track-only car, but not great for anything that sees street use. We discovered the Innovative mounts a while ago, and after many miles in our cars, we're impressed. They do increase the NVH a bit over stock, but for most it's an acceptable increase. If you have a naturally aspirated car that you want to be as friendly as possible, stick with the OE mounts. If you have a forced induction car that sees track and street duty, these are a great option. 

But wait, there's more! These are the last mounts you'll need - they have a lifetime warranty. That applies to both the metal structure and the poly pucks. 

Includes everything between the subframe and engine, you won't reuse your rubber mounts (of course) or the brackets that bolt to your engine. This is a pair, one kit = one car. Includes necessary hardware.





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