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Inconel 1mm oversize intake valve (1.8)

Inconel 1mm oversize intake valve (1.8)

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Oversize intake valves will flow better and make more power. Our valves are heavily backcut to give more airflow at a given lift and 1mm oversize for more flow. Plus, we have Inconel!

We've seen valve failures with stainless steel valves on track turbo cars. So now we offer Inconel. They've been tested on some of the most powerful turbo Miatas to see hard track time and have proven their ability to stand the abuse. The exotic 751 alloy can handle much higher heat than stainless steel. It's a lot more difficult to machine and heat treat so they cost more, but it`s well worth it.

Price is for one valve. You will need 8 intake valves for a Miata engine. These valves are made with stock length stems to allow for easy installation.


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Customer Reviews

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john m.
great product

I have had a set of these for four seasons now. The compression is still 200psi and leak down is 1.2 to 1.5 %. I check every winter. I run 17 psi boost at 320 whp on track and run it hard and used to burn or cup stainless intakes every season no matter what spring pressure or grind was used. I haven't had the head apart the last four seasons and it's still doing great.

John m.
the answer, awesome

I was a guinea pig for Jeremy on these since I was going through every type of stainless intake after 7 or 8 track events. I asked Jeremy if he could have these made and he got it done. I am on my 5th year running these and the compression has remained 200 psi, with a leak down of 1.2 to 1.5%, as tested a few months ago and every winter since install. I make 225 whp on the track and the car gets used hard. I haven't had to do anything to the head since. Highly, highly recommend these.