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IL Motorsport soft top seal kit, 1990-2005

IL Motorsport soft top seal kit, 1990-2005

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Old or worn out soft top window seals are notorious for letting in the elements resulting in wet seats, dusty interiors, or an abundance of wind noise. This seal kit from I.L.Motorsports replaces all six window seals with brand new ones all at a fraction of the price of the dealer. If you are replacing your top, replacing these seals at the same time is a no-brainer, but you don't need to use replacing your top as an excuse to take advantage of what these seals have to offer.

Be aware that you might need to adjust things in order to get these to fit properly. The adjustments can range from nothing at all to manipulating the seal channels, the top, and the windows, so please check out the instructions to be sure you're aware of everything. 

Fits NA & NB soft tops. Not compatible with hard tops.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great alternative to oem Mazda seals

I've had these on my car for almost four years now and so far so good!

I figured it out - FM combine my reviews please : )

After a long battle with videos, write ups, and eventually replacing my window bushings (and adjusting my windows to go up further, and the metal rails these seals press into, outward) finally, they seal at last. Much less wind noise and hopefully less water gets into my Miata!

We can't edit (or combine) reviews, so we'll try to hit the high points from the previous reviews:

#1 - Much cheaper from FM than elsewhere, not yet installed, four stars.

#2 - These leaked on my weirdly installed soft top, there are gaps, I got zero instructions (from FM - they're in the product listing), three stars.

#3 - Final review, following provided instructions, is above, five stars.

Couldn't update my last one, but I'd love instructions.

These leaked even when I just installed them. Granted I have a weirdly installed soft top (but it doesn't leak at all), but these just let water in like nobodies business. I got zero instructions on them and just figured they'd be plump enough to work but there's a gap in the top back corner of my driver's window like 1-2mm large that just lets wind and water in like mad. Both my seats and some parts of the center console were sprayed with water. I did use a pressure washer, but not too closely of course. I really really wish someone had a guide to just resealing the whole top somehow, because I figure a combination of old seals, badly adjusted gaps and a crappy top install is making my life hell with trying to get a quiet and DRY interior.

Sounds like there might be some strangeness going on here, but the metal channels that these press into can be moved around a little to eliminate gaps. You might try doing that to solve your leaks.

Not installed yet, but these are exact replacements and they are sold here the cheapest!

Love Flyin Miata for all my parts and trick out bits. I have been stalking these seals on the FM site for them to come in for months because mine are all flattened and crumbly, being 23 years old. My NB1 should feel so much less like a wind tunnel and rattlebox with these and some boom mat installed. Once again, buy them here, because they are FAR cheaper for some reason on FM than any other site I could find. The weird part was actually waiting so long for them to come in. I imagine they don't stay in stock too long because so many people deal with leaky old seals.

I also picked up a tube of Honda Shin-Etsu Silicone grease to try and "recondition" my old seals and yes, it definitely helps restore some plumpness and fend off the sticky and dry seals that will rip when you open the door (or trunk seal in my case) but it's no match for brand new seals. I am debating rubbing a thin layer of the Shin-Etsu into these new seals to help them stay pliable and plump for longer, but I'm not sure they'll need it for quite a while. Maintenance is key though with rubber, I suppose.

Also FM: I didn't get a sticker in my order this time :(

We're glad you like our stickers! We were out briefly, so we sent your order without a sticker, rather than hold it, but you should get a sticker with your next order.