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Flyin' Miata NA/NB dual hood lift kit

Flyin' Miata NA/NB dual hood lift kit

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Let's face it, hood props are a pain. They're always in the way when you're working on a car. Our hydraulic lift kits open the hood further and give you full access. Great for show cars or weekend mechanics.

Includes a pair of low power hydraulic struts so that the hood is lifted evenly. A single strut has a tendency to lift one side of the hood slightly when the hood is closed and twist the hood when it's up. Because each strut only has to support half the hood's weight, it can be smaller and more compact.

As used on all of our V8 conversions as well as pretty much every car in the Flyin' Miata fleet. Stylish black with a high-power Flyin' Miata logo on the side. Made by I.L. Motorsports.

You will need to drill and tap (M6x1.0) one hole in the hinge on each side to install - our kit below includes the correct drill bit and tap. Fits all 1990-05 Miatas.


Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Francisco B.
96’ Install: Quality struts, easy to install

These were super easy to install and they work well. Hood is not too hard to shut, opens swiftly but gently. My only gripe with them is that the flyin miata logo is a label they applied, rather than laser etched (or something more permanent) onto the strut. Not a big deal, but it made it feel like a generic kit that had a label slapped on it, rather than a proprietary cool flyin miata solution….that being said, it is well worth the cost and the logo being a label would not deter me from purchasing these again if i ever get another NA/NB.

Eric E.
2001 NB Install

Installed these on a 2001 NB. The fit was pretty tight (the upper ball tends to drag on inner fender if not carefully adjusted), and the passenger side required some trimming of cowl plastic with a dremel abrasive disk before the lifts would fully seat during close.

But, the lifts look and function great - I highly recommend them. I have had my hood left up in my garage for a month now after installing these, because it looks so much better without the old hood prop

David F.
Good quality, not too powerful, but cosmetic damage if your car sees rain

I've had these installed since late December last year, and I love how tucked away they are (out of the way when you work on the car), how they don't feel like they're fighting you when you close the hood, and the "Flyin' Miata" stickers that are directional are a nice touch. However, if you daily drive your Miata, or you park it outside, the body of the struts can start to get some surface rust on them. Not the biggest deal, but certainly something to look out for.

Well worth it

The install process was pretty straightforward and easy, and it's so much nicer to have these than the annoying old-style prop that was always getting in the way. Highly recommended!

Good Quality, Easy Install

The hood lifters seem to work really well and the installation was fairly simple. Definitely a great addition to the car and cleans up the engine bay.