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How To Build a High Performance Mazda Miata

How To Build a High Performance Mazda Miata

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 The latest book from Miata performance guru Keith Tanner!

This one isn't a cookbook. It won't tell you what size wrenches you need to install a swaybar. What it does it teach you what you need to know to choose the right parts for your car.

For example, the suspension section starts off with the theory of weight transfer and how it affects your car. Then you'll learn what each part of the suspension does and how they all interact. Finally you`ll learn what to adjust and how in order to reach your goals. All the systems of the car are addressed in this way, giving you a good solid technical understanding of what`s going on instead of just a list of parts you need to buy. Like all of Keith's books, it's written in a very accessible style and well illustrated, making it easy to digest.

Want to peek inside? Chapter 7 - "Handling theory" - is available as a free download. Even if you don't buy the book, it`s a good read.
Read it now (2.7 MB Adobe PDF)

Covers all Miatas from 1990 to the latest NC.

What about the other books?
Performance Projects covered the "how to" aspect of modifying your Miata, and makes an excellent companion to this book.
Find It, Fix It, Trick It is a reference book, covering the history and evolution of the car. It includes a buyer`s guide, yearly changes and data about specifications and performance numbers.

Table of contents:

the philosophy of modification (how to build a successful modified car) engine (what`s going on in there?) intake and exhaust (getting air in and out) forced induction (putting your Miata under pressure) fuel and engine management (modern hotrodding) clutch, transmission and rear end (getting the power to the wheels) handling theory (so, just what`s going on when you`re cornering?) suspension (what do all these parts do?) suspension tuning (how do I set all these parts up?) the braking system (make it stop!) wheels and tires (make it stick) body and chassis (chassis rigidity, aerodynamics, weight loss) safety gear (protect yourself) engine swaps (from V8s to rotaries)

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