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Turbo connection kit for FM coolant reroute (Garrett turbos)

Turbo connection kit for FM coolant reroute (Garrett turbos)

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Already have an FM reroute but you're adding a turbo that you want to connect the "right" way? Here's your kit. Includes high-quality multilayer silicone lines, heat shielding, hardware, and anchors. If you're installing a new turbo kit along with the reroute, you'll likely need the banjo fittings as well. If you're upgrading a pre-existing turbo kit with hard lines, you WILL need banjo fittings. If you're installing this reroute on a pre-existing turbo install with soft lines, you shouldn't need the banjo fittings. If you're not starting with an FM turbo kit (new or pre-existing), you might need banjo bolts as well - those below work with our turbos, please be sure they'll work with yours. 

This kit is to connect our FM reroute (not other reroutes) to Garrett turbos on FM turbo kits specifically. If you have a custom setup with a Garrett turbo, this will likely work as well. If you have a non-Garrett turbo that uses 5/16" water lines, this will probably, but not necessarily, work. If you have a stock MSM turbo on an MSM engine, you need that kit (search for 09-61050). However, if you have an MSM turbo on a non-MSM engine, you'll want to start with this kit. There will be a little bit of problem-solving, but it shouldn't be too bad. If you have a Garrett turbo on an MSM engine, you still want this kit, but you'll also need to seal the original water ports (search for 09-61011). 

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