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Turbo connection kit for FM coolant reroute

Turbo connection kit for FM coolant reroute

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Already have an FM reroute but you're adding a turbo that you want to connect the "right" way? Here's your kit. Includes high-quality multilayer silicone lines, heat shielding, hardware, and anchors. If you're upgrading a pre-existing turbo kit with hard lines, you'll need banjo fittings. If you're installing this reroute on a pre-existing turbo install with soft lines, you shouldn't need the banjo fittings. If you're not starting with an FM turbo kit (new or pre-existing), you might need banjo bolts as well - those below work with our turbos, please be sure they'll work with yours. 

This kit is to connect our FM reroute (not other reroutes) to a water-cooled turbo. It works as-is with FM kits (new and old), as well as stock Mazdaspeed Miatas, whether they have one of our Garrett turbos or the original IHI turbo. It will also work with IHI MSM turbos on non-MSM blocks. Basically, this kit should cover whatever your situation is, but the more unique your setup is, the more likely you'll need to do some problem-solving. 




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Joey P.
These should be hardlines

Like David mentioned- these are to be used with the FM coolant reroute block at the back of the engine. I paid extra for hardlines that I won't ever use.

That being said, these weren't difficult to install- but with the supplied screw clamps, you cant tighten it down too far without the screw side of the clamp hitting parts of the turbo body when fully installed. My hoses have already begun to develop leaks and theyre less than 2 years old.

We considered hardlines, but with how dense - and varied between different years and setups - the area that the hoses run through is, we opted for high quality and durable silicone lines instead. Another complication is that the lines would either be cantilevered out pretty far (making hard lines more likely to fail) or fastened at the chassis, which means that they would need flexible sections to keep them from failing when the engine moves. Long story short, the silicone lines really are the best option here.

As for the hose clamps, we're surprised that you had issues there, as we've had very good luck with the included pinch clamps, which we've been using for decades. Perhaps they just needed to be oriented differently? We did reach out via email to try to sort all of this out, but we never received a response.

Can't use turbo water hardlines with the reroute kit

Be aware that the TURBO CONNECTION KIT FOR FM COOLANT REROUTE is not compatible with the FM Turbo water hardlines. Don't select the hardline option for the turbo if you intend to also use the reroute. This fact is only mentioned in one spot on the reroute Description. This kit routes the water to the back of the engine rather than the front like the hard lines do. Watch the video on the Reroute installation because it shows the installation with a turbo. To quote Customer Support, "The hard lines and turbo connection from the reroute can’t be installed together. From a physical/engineering perspective, the reroute turbo connection kit is more efficient in helping the rest of the cooling system deal with the added heat of the turbo. Having said that, we’ve sold hundreds of hardline kits and they’ve proven themselves effective on mostly street driven cars."