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Hose splice with fan thermoswitch port

Hose splice with fan thermoswitch port

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One of the biggest pains in a 1.8 swap is dealing with the fan thermosensor. You can swap out the thermostat neck - which means pulling the timing belt. And then you usually have trouble making the intake fit, because now the 1.8 intake won't fit with the radiator hose.

Until now! This hose splice has the correct M16x1.5 port for the factory thermosensor. Install it in your upper radiator hose, screw in the thermosensor and attach a ground wire. Voila, fans are sorted! You're not going to find this critter anywhere else.

Fits any 38mm (1.5") hose. Includes hose clamps, parts for a ground wire and a replacement o-ring for the sensor (not shown).

Customer Reviews

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Little small but it works.

Does the job but was about 2mm too small for the GM hose (the most common molded hose to use on the coolant reroute) so I had to wrap it in specialty plumber wrap to bring it up to 34mm.

Also, just a tad pricey IMO for something that really is only different from the generic stuff through having an M16x1.5 port instead of an NPT port.