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Holley RetroBright LED headlights, 7" round

Holley RetroBright LED headlights, 7" round

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Whether you want to keep the stock look of your NA or do not like the looks of most aftermarket headlights, you no longer have to live with the lackluster performance of the stock sealed beams. These RetroBright LEDs (designed with help from Morimoto, who makes our Sealed7 headlights) are designed to allow NA Miatas and other classic cars the opportunity to use current LED technology while maintaining the classic look of a typical sealed 7" round headlight.

The refracted lens does provide a dispersed light pattern similar to that of the factory incandescent, just much brighter. That means the light pattern is not quite as focused as high-end projector LED headlights, such as the Sealed7s (linked below), but it is still really good and an improvement over stock - and 2x brighter than halogens. Our testing found the high beams are not as noticeable, likely due to how good the low beams are. It is not uncommon to consider high beams somewhat superfluous when using LEDs. These lights have a modern white color with a cool 5700K output.

The LEDs last roughly forever (6x the lifespan of halogen), but in case these ever need to be replaced, the bulb can be replaced independent of the lens. 

We recommend removing or trimming the rubber flap below the headlight so that it does not scratch the lens when the lights are down.

These are sold in pairs and are DOT compliant. They should fit any vehicle that came from the factory with 7" round headlights, but we have only tested them on Miatas and cannot guarantee fitment on other applications.

Light output:
2000 lumens - low beam
3000 lumens - high beam

Note: These headlights have a left-hand drive beam pattern and thus are not suitable for right-hand drive cars.                     


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What does it fit?

Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997


Emissions do not apply.


2 years



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
peter p.
Best mod

I could not be happier with these headlights. Installation was straightforward. Installed, they look just like the stock headlights - until you turn them on! The light is SO much better than stock. It makes me want to drive the car at night again. I just pulled the rubber flaps because I couldn't figure out a way to cut them cleanly, but I really don't mind that extra space. This is one of the best mods I've done to the car so far.

Hayden B.
best lights

These lights are the best because they don't make your car look like a bug. They are easy to install as well. The Light output is 3 times better than stock. I don't understand why they give zip-ties. I didn't have to use them.

The zip-ties are included to secure the wiring and make sure it doesn't get caught in the headlight mechanism. As long as the wiring won't get pinched, you're good.