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Hard lines for turbo water supply

Hard lines for turbo water supply

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22-80012 1994-05



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We`ve been using silicone water lines on our turbo kits for years. They do a good job, but they do require periodic replacement - especially on racers. This hard line kit replaces the flexible hoses with custom-bent stainless steel lines, similar to those used for your fuel and brake lines.

They fit any 1.8 FM turbo that uses a Garrett turbo, including the GT2554, GT2560 and GT3071, with the exception of the 1999-2000 two catalytic converter model. If you have a Mazdaspeed with the FM II conversion, some of the factory fittings will need to be plugged off. There may be interference issues on older kits with steel tubes that cross diagonally in front of the engine.

These hard lines won't work with the FM reroute, please use the FM reroute-specific silicone water line kit if you have the FM reroute. 

Available as an upgrade to any new 1.8 FM turbo.

Please note that banjo bolts are not included with this kit but are available separately. If your turbo is already equipped with our flexible water lines, the bolts can be reused.

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