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Hard Dog transformer roll bar

Hard Dog transformer roll bar

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Fits: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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The top on the 2006-15 NC Miata is great - quiet, compact, easy to put up and down. The power hardtop is even cooler, allowing the car to be both a coupe and a convertible. But they both prevent a proper roll bar from being installed. Even with a Petty bar, the height of the bar is limited by the top.

Until now. We've worked with Hard Dog to come up with a setup that allows you to easily transform a shorter street bar into a tall, properly braced track bar. It's a Flyin' Miata exclusive.

In street mode, the installed bar looks identical to the Sport or Hard Bar design. All parts are powdercoated black.

To change over to track mode, you undo four bolts and lift out the street bar. The tall track bar drops into place, then you add the two rear braces. The track bar is a full 7" taller than the factory setup, allowing anyone who can actually fit in a Miata to pass a broomstick test. No other bars on the market are this tall. It attaches to the base portion with four bolts and has internal sleeves for a rock solid and strong connection. The rear braces run back to a permanently mounted bracket at the rear of the trunk.

Specs: 1.75" x 0.120" wall 1020 alloy DOM tubing, 7.5" bend radius.

Now, since the track bar is so tall and it is anchored in the trunk, you have to leave the top down. You also have to remove the trunk lid, which is a fairly quick and easy procedure. We are working on supplying carbon trunk lids which can be modified with holes or slots for the rear braces.

All of the track parts will fit in the trunk, so you can drive to the track with your roof up then transform your car in the pits. You will have to remove some of the trunk plastic for this.

The street bar for the soft top model is about 3" taller than the street bar for the PRHT. This is due to the design of the folding hardtop, unfortunately. The street bar is the same height as the factory roll hoop.

Shipping note: These bars will be drop-shipped from the manufacturer. These bars are usually kept in stock. If not, depending on where the bars are in the production process, it could take approximately 2-6 weeks for delivery. Since they're drop-shipped, the tracking number process isn't automated and could be delayed.