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Gold foil wrap for 1999-05 turbo air box

Gold foil wrap for 1999-05 turbo air box

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Add some gold flare to your engine bay and reduce any potential heat soak into your turbo air box. Made from DEI's Reflect-A-Gold heat reflective material originally designed to be used in the aerospace industry, and now it's CNC cut to fit the exterior face of your FM turbo airbox. The material's multi-layer composition helps it reflect up to 80% of radiant heat. It can handle continuous exposure of up to 800°F. And no need to worry about it peeling off since its adhesive is rated to handle up to 325°F. This is not just a gold sticker.

Also included is a separate piece to cover the lid on NB turbo hush kits (linked below).

Please note that this kit was designed to be a direct fit for air boxes sold after March 2022. It can easily be made to fit previous FM air boxes, but a small section of the air box around the intake hole will remain uncovered, and a small section of the foil will need to be trimmed. If done carefully, the trimmed-off section can be used to cover the uncovered section. On some hush kit air box lids, the foil will have a small section that will need to be trimmed.



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