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Flyin' Miata front sway bar (ND chassis)

Flyin' Miata front sway bar (ND chassis)

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For those who don't want (or aren't allowed) to run a rear bar. Keep in mind that installing a larger front sway bar without making any other changes will make the car more biased towards understeer.

Includes brackets and polyurethane bushings as well as stoppers to keep the bar from sliding side to side. The bars have three holes for adjusting. 1.125" tubular with a 0.188" wall.



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13-36510 2016+

Customer Reviews

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Like night and day!

Had this on my 2020 and traded it in. Spent the first several weeks in my 2023 without it. The driving experience difference is completely improved. Feels more like what Miata should feel like. Tight, controled and connected to the ground…

James K.
Front ND Sway Bar

Holy Moly what a beautiful piece of equipment. Great price, Super Fadt Shipping

Every ND Miata needs a stiffer front swaybar

I don't mind the stock suspension roll of our ND Miata RF. It contributes to the playful "go-kart" feeling of the car on public roads. However, with a mildly aggressive alignment and sticky rubber, the car hit its performance cap in autocross quickly. Twitchy, darty, slow to transition between elements - we were still quick but we could tell the car was being held back.

The install of this (or any traditional sway bar) on the front of the ND is a chore. With a few friends and reading the "shortcut" guides on forums we were able to knock it out in 3-4 hours, but I wouldn't try it unless you're comfortable figuring things out as you go. Yes, it's as bad as people say it is, unless you're committed to just methodically removing components for a few additional hours to get more access.

It was 100% worth it. My only regret is not doing this a couple years ago when we bought the car. Yes, some of the playfulness is gone now, but the car feels much more planted and the EPS feels heavier and more predictable. My wife did one autocross run in it and ran to find me to tell me how much better it felt. On public roads you do feel a little push (we have this set to the middle holes), but it's mild and a worthwhile tradeoff.