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Flyin Miata FOX suspension for NA

Flyin Miata FOX suspension for NA

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Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997

Emissions: Emissions do not apply.

Shipping restrictions: None

Warranty: 1 year

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FOX has been a suspension specialist for 40 years, and have won a huge range of motorsport events from the Paris-Dakar to the Indy 500. As a supplier to Ridetech, they've dominated Pro Touring recently. It's fair to say they know their way around shocks. They also understand the importance of proper suspension travel. Since they've also supplied shocks for the Ford Raptor, they also know how to build to an OE level of quality and durability. So, as you can imagine, we were pretty excited to work with them.

To develop these coilovers, we took measurements of the suspension's full range. FOX then designed a shock setup that would work throughout the whole range. After an initial fitting and test, they brought their race trailer out to our local track and we spent two full days with a two FOX engineers, three Miatas and two drivers to fine-tune the valving. We baselined against our current offerings, and used cars ranging from a typical FM II Miata to the 500 hp Targa Miata. This is the end result - a Miata suspension built from the ground up for us.

Our goal was for a high performance suspension that wouldn't punish on the street. We placed an emphasis on stability in corners, turn-in and body control combined with a very high level of grip. The adjustment was designed to primarily adjust the low speed rebound damping, which is mostly affected by body movements. You can adjust from a street setup to a hyper-aware track setup quickly and easily.

There are a lot of little details on these parts that aren't immediately obvious. The springs sit on a high density plastic ring that acts as a bearing, allowing the spring to rotate on the perch without the expense of a Torrington bearing. The internal washers are disc ground for high accuracy, giving more consistent behavior of the shock. Even the body of the shock is given Kashima coat, which is a superior form of hard anodizing to protect the shock under the worst conditions. The lower bearings have a Teflon liner so there's no need to grease them. Even the shocks are light - 40% lighter than a typical aftermarket unit. They are a monotube design.

The shocks have 5" of shaft travel. That's pretty spectacular, and it's part of the reason they can deliver searing track performance without punishing you day-to-day. When we put an experienced Miata driver and track instructor behind the wheel, he couldn't believe how comfortable they were on the street and how hard he could hit the berms. They just work.

Due to the long travel and maximum compression available, you can run just about any ride height with this setup. If you want to run low, the shocks will allow the suspension to compress as far as possible. If you want to run high, that long shaft travel will mean you still have droop available. You may have to use a longer spring for particularly high heights, such as a Baja application.

The standard spring set is 550 lb/in front and 375 lb/in rear. This is suitable for street use and track use, and it's what we use on the V8 cars we build for customers. On the V8 track car, we used 750/500, and the standard valving can deal with up to 900 lb front springs. 

The springs will go loose at full droop. To avoid this, the standard spring kit includes helper springs. They won't make a difference to how the car drives, but they will keep the springs seated when the suspension is fully extended. It's mostly for ease of maintenance. If you'd like to save some money, we also offer a spring kit without the helper springs. Or, you can pick up the shocks with no springs to use custom rates. 

There may be some interference between the bottom of the shock and V8Roadster lower control arms. Some grinding will be required in this case.

The kit includes four shocks, bumpstops, front and rear springs (unless you don't choose springs) and new front and rear mounts. No parts are reused. These shocks are built in the USA and can be rebuilt. 1-Year Limited Warranty for the original customer against defects in materials and/or workmanship.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Definitely recommend to anyone and worth the price! FM never disappoints!

First off, putting these coils together was very easy and installation was also simple without hassle. With a few adjustments my car felt very predictable and confident. Aside from all other suspension upgrades on my 96, this has by far made a dramatic improvement and I have yet to adjust the coils to 100% capacity. Comfort has also been improved absorbing bumps smoothly and make the ride a lot nicer vs thinking your car will disassemble on those hard bumps!
Also, I did have an issue with my ride height in which i set the coils to the FM recommended starting height.
The front coil adjustment couplers can only go down to standard height due to coupler being very close to the A arms and cannot adjust any lower.
The read coils have the same issue but with just enough clearance about a 1/4 before the adjustment coupler rubs on the axles.
I do not mind the ride height, although better fitment without going too low would be nice.

Note from FM: running a 7" spring in place of the 8" would allow for a lower ride height, as would removing the helper springs. This must be a reasonably light '96 as well.

Works for lited miatas

I used this for a lifted Miata application. I got longer springs and try to work perfectly. Have yet to take them off-road but they eat up every bump and dip on the road like they were not there. Really happy with this set up was worth the money.

Remarkable on street or track.

I was lucky enough to get one of the first sets of the Fox suspension installed on the V8 Miata that FM built for me. This is an outstanding setup, with excellent control on track, and the ability to soak up really awful surfaces on the street. The car is genuinely hard to upset, and responds quickly without being twitchy or harsh.

Daily Use

I DD my '96 spring through fall and needed a suspeion that could be come table everyday but still provide the handling I expect when having fun on twisty roads. These have excellent valving on the dampers that allows them ride incredibly comfortable for the standard spring rates. I've previously experienced several FCM set ups that were quite nice, but can't provide the dual use that the Fox set-up can. The ride height is easily adjustable, mine is currently 13" front and 13.5" rear. I have the stock 19mm front roll bar and no rear bar currently. With the dampers set at 19 clicks from firm on the front and 22 from firm on the rear I can say that this is the most comfortable Miata suspension that I've experienced that isn't a stock set-up. This is a very well sorted suspension, even in Indiana and the rough roads that winters leaves us with each spring. Thank you FM!

Great product street and track #Exocet

I only have 1 thing I would like different. I wish the body was shorter. I'm running these on 1.6 NA powered Exocet. I removed the front upper camber correcting plates for a proper amount of travel. With Exomotives plates in I had about 1" of travel. Currently I'm running rear plates with shy of 2" travel. Plans are adjustable upper rear control arms to correct geometry & eliminate plates. I've been running this set up on the street and finally got 2 days autocross about 50 miles on track could not have been happier. I chose standard spring rates per Keith's suggestion.