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Flyin' Miata ND Little Big Brake Kit (rear only)

Flyin' Miata ND Little Big Brake Kit (rear only)

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Only Flyin' Miata offers four piston rear calipers with a parking brake mechanism. They use your stock parking brake cable and are a direct bolt-in.

This setup saves 3.85 lbs of unsprung weight per side.

Since they're so stiff, they don't flex when you stand on the pedal. This gives a very firm, reassuring pedal with no springiness.

The rear calipers are exclusive to Flyin' Miata, and incorporate a parking brake mechanism. The Powerlite rear caliper has been modified to use the factory handbrake cables, even using factory clips so it's a really clean install. The handbrake is not as powerful as the stock setup, so while it can be used to hold the car on a grade, it is not suitable for initiating handbrake turns. The piston sizes are chosen to match the factory ones so your brake balance is not affected.

As a bonus, these calipers are more compact than the stock ones. This allows the use of 15" wheels in the rear. Make sure your front brakes also clear 15" wheels! They fit under stock 17" wheels (including BBS Club wheels), as well as our Tobu and Kōgeki wheels, without the need for a spacer.

Choose red powder coat or hard-anodized in grey for the finish. Both versions are hard-anodized to make the coating very durable and resistant to changes due to temperature, the red version simply has red powder coating over that. It's important to note that the shades of grey will likely not match perfectly. We can't accept returns due to mismatched caliper colors. If you'd like your calipers to match perfectly, please choose the red powder coat option.

Use our handy template to be sure.
Rear template

This kit could be used to upgrade the rear calipers on a Brembo-package car or any other ND. Fits 2.0 cars, including all North American ND MX-5s. 1.5 cars use a different rotor size, so you'd need a set of 2.0 rotors to go along with the kit.

Includes new rear stainless brake lines. You will reuse your stock rotors. Also available as a four wheel kit.



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What does it fit?

Fits: 2016, 2017, 2017 Fiat, 2017 RF, 2018, 2018 Fiat, 2018 RF, 2019, 2019 Fiat, 2019 RF, 2020, 2020 Fiat, 2020 RF, 2021, 2021 RF, 2022, 2022 RF


Emissions do not apply.





Customer Reviews

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Tricky Install - Great Product

Looks like I am the first review.

I am guessing a lot of people were like me and did the fronts then vacillated on whether to do the backs or just paint the calipers. Plenty of feedback told me that there is no real value here since most of the stopping power is on the 6 pistons up front. I decided that even if there was no difference I would do it for purely cosmetic reasons. I went ahead and got the slotted stoptechs to keep everything consistent with the 12.8 Big Brake Kit up front (that is 100% a 5 star product).

Did it by myself in my garage with jack stands. Not really any harder than the 6 pistons up front until the parking brake. I almost suggest removing the mid pipe just to have more room gettin at all the lines. I actually just installed the FM mid pipe before doing the brakes, and the entire time I wished I had left it out then put it in after the brakes (FM mid pipe also a 5 star). The driver side is pretty easy, the passenger side is not. Took a lot of fishing and removing things to finally get it right. But, I did it alone in my garage and figured it out. I had to figure it out, because the instructions are not great (sorry FM guys). A video would be amazing, and I think it would sell a lot more of these kits. I was afraid of the parking brake issue and almost didn�t do it. If I had watched one of you quality install videos, I would have don�t this job with a lot more confidence.

I haven�t adjusted the parking brake yet, but even without getting to the adjustment inside the car, the brake holds fine even on a decent incline. Maybe not in SFO, but where I am it is probably good enough. I just don�t like the way the brake handle feels. It is sloppy unless the tighten it down. That will be next weekend.

Cosmetically, it is fantastic. 100% improvement over stock. Having the matching calipers is worth the cost of the kit to me. I went to a DOT 5.1 on this install, and I feel like the pedal response is softer than the DOT 4 fluid. I was hoping for better pedal feel with the stainless hoses, but it is actually softer. Might trade out the fluid again. Stopping is improved either way. Not sure how much of an improvement. Maybe 15% on the performance side. The other positive is the easy of changing brake pads.

Do a video FM. This is a great product, but a little scary to do.