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Flyin' Miata ND Little Big Brake Kit (front only)

Flyin' Miata ND Little Big Brake Kit (front only)

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You could buy a $3400 option package for your ND to get Brembo brakes and BBS wheels - or you could pick up Flyin' Miata's exclusive Little Big Brake Kit and save big.

What's a "Little Big Brake Kit"? It's a light, stiff four-piston caliper mounted on a stock rotor. This gives you great pedal feel, a huge selection of pads that are easy to change, a drop in unsprung weight and low consumable costs.

The calipers are four piston Wilwood Powerlites. This is a newer design than the old Dynalite, offering improved stiffness and lighter weight. They form the basis of our Little Big Brake Kits for other models as well. Because the new calipers are aluminum, there is a significant unsprung weight savings: 5.45 lbs per wheel in the front when compared to the standard ND brakes. That's an overall savings of nearly 11 lbs of unsprung weight. Even the Brembo cars can save over 3 lbs per corner.

Since they're so stiff, they don't flex when you stand on the pedal. This gives a very firm, reassuring pedal with no springiness.

As a bonus, these calipers are more compact than the stock ones. This allows the use of 15" wheels. We've tested them with both 15x8 and 15x9 Gen4 6UL wheels. They also fit under stock 17" wheels without the need for a spacer.

These calipers are hard-anodized to make the coating very durable and resistant to changes due to temperature. This hard-anodizing means that there's no dye, which means that the exact shade can vary. It's important to note that the shades of grey will likely not match perfectly. We can't accept returns due to mismatched caliper colors. If you'd like your calipers to match perfectly, please choose one of our big brake kits in red powder coat.

Fits 2.0L cars, including all North American ND MX-5s. 1.5L cars use a different rotor size, so you'd need a set of 2.0L rotors to go along with the kit.

Will they fit your wheels? Well, we know they'll fit just about any wheel we've tested and they definitely fit behind stock ones, our Kogekis, and our Tobus. We do recommend you check against your own, however. Use our handy template to be sure.

Front template

Includes BP-20 front pads and braided front brake lines. You will reuse your stock rotors. Also available as a four wheel kit.

Note: The piston sizes are well-matched to the stock hydraulic system, an almost perfect match to factory sizes and the same 3.0 square inch setup as used on other kits. Also, the 5.0 square inch pad size is very slightly smaller than the 5.4 square inch of the factory (that's 7% smaller, not 30% as claimed elsewhere) but the swept area is the same. As always, the only reliably accurate source of information about our products is from us.

Customer Reviews

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Great kit, big improvement.

I love really good brakes! These are easy to install with great instructions and torque values included. This kit noticeably improves brake pedal feel and brake performance. After installing slotted rotors, rear brake hoses, and Porterfield R4S rear pads, I have a brake system that is levels above the OE one. Add some DOT 4 fluid and you're ready for the track. These work great for street use and also worked very well for the 1 track day I've done with them (so far). The Wilwood BP20 pads are wearing well and seem pretty easy on the rotors. Overall very happy with this setup and they look great behind the wheels, not to mention the huge unsprung weight advantage. I would be sold on the rears if the parking brake were stronger...may get them anyway. Thanks, FM!

Great value, would consider rears with a stronger handbrake

Fantastic product and great value. The LBBK replaced the Wilwood 6-pots that I previously had on this car (since sold to another ND owner), and which were great calipers but a real pain when replacing pads. Also saved a bit of weight at each corner. I also added StopTech slotted rotors and Speedbleeders, and Porterfield R4 pads for both track and what limited street driving (canyons) that I do.

Installation was a snap, bedded according to Porterfield's instructions, and they look fantastic. Took a 120 mile round trip drive on my favorite hill country loop on Sunday, brake performance and feel was perfect. The only downside is that, because the calipers are identical, "Wilwood" reads top to bottom on one corner and bottom to top on the other.

5 stars, plan on buying rears soon.

Amazing feel and brake improvement over stock. I bought the LBBK with slotted rotors and rear stainless lines and could not be happier with the firm feeling and noticeable stopping distance improvement. I had a little trouble with install due to the purple brackets seeming like they should be installed logo side out but should be installed logo side in as per instructions that were not listed on the product page at time of purchase but I'm sure will be fixed soon.