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FM NC clutch/flywheel Happy Meal

FM NC clutch/flywheel Happy Meal

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Fits: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

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What`s the toy? A clutch tool!

The FM Happy Meal includes a Flyin' Miata clutch and Flyin' Miata flywheel. These products were developed together, so you know it'll be a nicely integrated setup.

The flywheel is our lightweight steel 8.4 lb unit. It'll give the engine a much livelier feel, making your car more fun to drive. It may cause some idle droop on supercharged cars, however. The flywheel may cause some harmless drivetrain noise on closed-throttle deceleration - this is a characteristic of lightweight flywheels.

The clutch handles 260 lb-ft at the crank with ease and is very friendly to drive - no grabby, shuddering mess here. The friction material is a steelback copper woven organic material.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin H.
Fun to Run Hard

I really enjoy this set-up, I thought that the fly wheel might be too light for a daily driver, but I was wrong. The car feels more responsive, quicker around town and more fun to drive.

Amazing feel. Superior product than the stock part.

Great Product,
It makes some noise when letting off the gas/lugging the engine, but that's to be expected of a lightweight flywheel. The stronger clutch is satisfying and way superior in both durability and feel to stock. It's more expensive than stock but so worth it.

Pros: Feels slightly zippier . Cons: Sounds (bad) loud

I just had the parts put in. I wish I'd done more research on the flywheel. It sounds loud on de-acceleration. The car basically sounds like a truck now. I would very strongly NOT reccomend this for a daily driver.

The quality and finish of the parts are just proper and they do what they say on the tin.

MX5 P.
crisp and snappy, but still very streetable

Love it. I was a little concerned that the flywheel would be too light for the street. The new happy meal feels great, and is no problem in rush hour. Love the personality change this combo gives the car!