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FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal

FM NA/NB clutch/flywheel Happy Meal

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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The FM Happy Meal includes a Flyin' Miata clutch and Flyin' Miata flywheel, along with a clutch switch override, pilot and release bearings. You get to choose the specification. The Happy Meal will fit any 1990-05 Miata, including 1.6 engined cars.

The FM Level 1 clutch is rated for 318 lb-ft of torque at the crank, and is perfect for Stage 1 or Custom Spec kits with relatively stock engines. It's a real sweetheart, offering near-stock pedal pressure and smooth engagement, but it's strong enough to cope with anything stock engine internals can put out.

Our Level 2 organic clutch has a higher pedal pressure and higher 353 lb-ft torque (at the crank) rating. It's probably stronger than the transmission, and we have not yet met a 4-cylinder Miata that can make it slip. 

Both Level 1 and Level 2 clutches use the same disc, with friction material that's a steelback copper woven organic material. The pressure plates are different, which gives the heavier pedal pressure and increased torque capacity. 

The Level I clutch (plate and disc) is about 11.75 lbs, for a total rotational weight of about 22 lbs. The Level II clutch is about .5 lbs heavier.

The lightweight flywheel may cause some harmless drivetrain noise on closed-throttle deceleration.

We recommend bypassing the starter interlock on your clutch when installing a stronger pressure plate. This allows you to start the car in neutral without putting your foot on the clutch and your thrust bearing will appreciate it! We have a cool little clip that makes this easy without any wiring - it's included with the kit.

We strongly recommend replacing seals while you're in there - they don't go bad too often, but it's a big job to get to them! We also strongly recommend using our installation tool with the rear crank seal, to ensure that you don't cause a problem that didn't exist. Plus, the tool is less than a new seal. Also, please be aware that 5-speed transmissions need the transmission input gasket, but 6-speeds do not. 

What's the toy? A clutch tool!




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What does it fit?

Fits: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2004 MSM, 2005, 2005 MSM


Emissions do not apply.


90 days



Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Good clutch, low life.

I have a turbo weekend car, that over a few years has had less than 10k miles put on it. The clutxh never slipped, did great. However, I pulled it, and it is very work, and cracking. I've had other clutches last way longer. Flywheel is in perfect shape though.

This is pretty unusual, my personal car has well over 50k on the clutch (~250 whp). It's possible that the clutch wasn't adjusted properly, and was slightly slipping - not enough to be noticeable, but enough to generate excess heat. If our instructions are carefully followed, incorrect adjustment will be caught and fixed.

Raza H.
Buy another clutch

I had a flyin miata stage 1 clutch on my 2002 special edition, it was naturally aspirated. Clutch kit lasted only 8k miles until the pressure plate started to lose pressure. I just bought a 2005 mazdaspeed miata highly modified, 380whp/315lbfttq, this one has a stage 2 clutch kit. SAME EXACT PROBLEM! Pressure plate has no more pressure. Spend your money elsewhere, not worth wasting labor hours dealing with flyin miata clutch kits.

We reached out to Raza to try to figure out what was going on, but were never able to fully connect. Raza, if you'd still like to investigate this please let us know.

The good, the bad, the rowdy

I�ve had a FM1 and FM2 clutch. My FM2 clutch was a tank and never had any issues in the year I had it on a 220hp Miata. I�m currently running a FM1 on a 346hp/303tq Miata. This is my daily and I do get on it everyday, a few times a day. No crazy burnouts or clutch dumps, usually rolling throttle pulls with maybe 1 gear change (2-3 or 3-4 usually)
I started to notice my clutch slipping in 4th gear. It�s intermittent and probably doesn�t slip unless it�s heated up pretty good, but I have noticed it slip a few times in the last week or two and even a very very small amount in 3rd gear. The clutch is rated to 318tq. Maybe that�s flywheel torque? I�ve got 303wtq and it�s slipping. I didn�t expect the FM1 to hold once I built the engine, so I�m not upset. Always good experiences with FM clutches. Will be going ceramic, puck clutch now, though.

Excellent clutch package

I've been running this clutch in my nicely upgraded MSM (~250whp) for about 6 months. I had it installed by a local shop that specializes in Miatas, Coyote Motors in Boulder. Installation requires some precision, Coyote's install certainly contributes to the excellence of this clutch package.

Short version: I've been duly impressed with this clutch package.

What's there to say? This package beats stock in every possible way.

Engagement is smooth, predictable, consistent. Grab is excellent, and easy to manipulate under all conditions. It's easy to get silky-smooth shifts under normal driving, both upshift and downshift (assuming using heel-toe to rev-match, of course). It's easy to modulate for faster shifting, and for shifting under power. It handles the abuse of on-power shifts with surprising tolerance - even grace.

Pedal feel is light and smooth with good feedback around friction point and full engagement. It's good enough to take some of the sting out of stop-and-go traffic. If I had any criticisms, it'd be that the pedal feels subjectively too light; a little more resistance wouldn't hurt, at least for my tastes.

My old clutch was nearing end of life when I replaced it. Even so, the difference is night-and-day. I'd never, ever, consider going back.

Ron S.
Great Clutch - has lasted a loooong time

I replaced the clutch in my 2001 Miata with a FM Stage 1 Happy Meal at about 80K miles. Not because there was anything wrong with the factory clutch but, I wanted the lightened flywheel so I bought the whole meal in 2008. Fast forward to 2020 and my daily driver Miata now has 252K miles and still has that same FM clutch. Never had a problem, doesn't slip, and if it ever does wear out I will buy another FM Clutch Happy Meal and expect it to last at least another 175K miles.