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FM lower radiator hose

FM lower radiator hose

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We designed this hose for our turbo kits - it gives better flow, has fewer failure points than stock and gives more room for the compressor outlet hose. The first two attributes are also useful for any Miata.

Silicone construction with approximately 9 layers. Fits any NA/NB Miata, and replaces a three-piece factory design on the NA cars. Included with all of our turbo kits shipped after August 2008. Please note that there could be some contact with this hose, but nothing that will cause premature failure. Check out the video below (fast-forwarded to the relevant section) for more details. 

Your stock hose clamps won't fit with the thicker wall of this hose, so we include two new constant torque / tension hose clamps. 

This hose will likely need to be trimmed to fit on the block side of the engine. This is especially true for MSMs.

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