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FM 10.3 lb lightweight flywheel

FM 10.3 lb lightweight flywheel

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So, why do you want a lightweight flywheel? Increased sex appeal of course. But aside from that, you`ll discover your engine is more responsive to your right foot. Blipping the throttle to match a downshift, letting the revs drop when shifting up - the engine will react more quickly. It`ll make your Miata feel more like a sports car. 

There is a small but measurable improvement in acceleration in the lower gears thanks to decreased inertial losses, but it`s not a huge difference.

This flywheel is made in the 1994-05 size. You can use it on a 1990-93 if you also install a 1.8 clutch, as seen in our Happy Meal.

This light flywheel may cause some drivetrain noise on closed-throttle deceleration, although it's not going to cause a problem with driveability in traffic unless you're running some nasty clutch.

This particular flywheel is made of steel with an integral ring gear. Unlike aluminum flywheels, it will use your factory pressure plate bolts.

Customer Reviews

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Worth every penny

This is a fantastic product it does take some getting used to but so well worth it it gives a Miata that sports car feel

Definitely pleased with my purchase.

A couple of weekends ago, I did a clutch replacement on my 94. Along with this clutch replacement I decided to toss in a Fly'n Miata 10.3 lighten fly wheel and a new crank seal. At first I was hesitant and debated back and forth due to two possible negativity of a lighten fly wheel and those are the possible of additional drive train noise, especially upon deceleration and the change in driving technique in day to day driving, i.e. take off method to compensate for possible easier stalling due to lighter fly wheel. In the 11th hour, I pulled the trigger and purchased it. With all the benefits of a lighten fly wheel, especially for a normally aspirated engine, I am very pleased to add that the two previously mentioned concerns is non-issue at this point in time with just 250 miles of break-in period. I am able to launch my Miata normally without any change in driving habits, it drives as it did before and as of right now there are no additional noise in the drive train. Hopefully my positive experience with this will go and go for a very long time. As for the benefits that associated with this lighten fly wheel that I have experienced so far are engine rev does definitely responds much quicker, the Miata does feel by the pants quicker when fully engage and just by giving it more acceleration, the engine seems to idle smoother, there's more pep when starting the engine - it is like the engine wakes up more to attention upon turning the key (maybe this is because the starter is turning less weight), and most of all in my situation no additional drive train noise and no change in driving methods. YAY!!

Just buy it

Had to replace my clutch in my daily and I decided I might as well get a lighter flywheel since I'm a big fan of a quick revving engine and better throttle response. Damn it woke up the engine, just buy it and don't look back. Really no downsides to it, haven't experienced any sort of driveability issues. Makes a little more noise when you're off throttle, but I knew that going into it, and it's pretty quiet anyway. I honestly really didn't think it would make much of a difference acceleration wise, but it did. One of my buddies noticed it almost immediately when I was getting on the freeway.