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FM 10.3 lb lightweight flywheel

FM 10.3 lb lightweight flywheel

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So, why do you want a lightweight flywheel? Increased sex appeal of course. But aside from that, you`ll discover your engine is more responsive to your right foot. Blipping the throttle to match a downshift, letting the revs drop when shifting up - the engine will react more quickly. It`ll make your Miata feel more like a sports car. 

There is a small but measurable improvement in acceleration in the lower gears thanks to decreased inertial losses, but it`s not a huge difference.

This flywheel is made in the 1994-05 size. You can use it on a 1990-93 if you also install a 1.8 clutch, as seen in our Happy Meal.

This light flywheel may cause some drivetrain noise on closed-throttle deceleration, although it's not going to cause a problem with driveability in traffic unless you're running some nasty clutch.

This particular flywheel is made of steel with an integral ring gear. Unlike aluminum flywheels, it will use your factory pressure plate bolts.

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