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FM Level 2 clutch

FM Level 2 clutch

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We worked with a major clutch manufacturer for over a year to make these clutches a reality. The goal was to build the most friendly Miata clutch on the planet. We've run them in a number of our cars, including the most powerful Miata to ever run on our dyno. Many thousands of miles later, we're really happy with the result and so are our customers.

The Level 2 is for serious power cars only. Pedal effort is substantial, so if you don't have 300 hp or more, stick with a Level 1. The Level 2 is rated for 353 lb-ft at the crank, and is suitable for turbo and supercharged cars with built engines. It's stronger than your transmission! Our general rule of thumb is that if you have forced induction and upgraded engine internals, this is your clutch. 

1.8 size only, although it can be used on a 1.6 if you also use a 1.8 flywheel.

Includes the clutch switch over-ride, pilot bearing, throwout (release) bearing and clutch alignment tool.

The friction material is a steelback copper woven organic material.

We strongly recommend replacing seals while you're in there - they don't go bad too often, but it's a big job to get to them! We also strongly recommend using our installation tool with the rear crank seal, to ensure that you don't cause a problem that didn't exist. Plus, the tool is less than a new seal. Also, please be aware that 5-speed transmissions need the transmission input gasket, but 6-speeds do not. 

Note: This clutch was designed for the Miata engine and transmission - we're unable to guarantee fitment with engine swaps, although it's certainly possible. If a stock clutch will work ours should as well, but check with the manufacturer of the kit.  

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