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FM Level 1 clutch

FM Level 1 clutch

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We worked with a major clutch manufacturer for over a year to make these clutches a reality. The goal was to build the most friendly Miata clutch on the planet. We've run them in a number of our cars, including the Targa Miata, our "Igor" track car and daily drivers. Many thousands of miles later, we're really happy with the result and so are our customers.

The Level 1 will hold as much torque as the ACT HD, but with a pedal that feels almost like a stock clutch. It`s easy to drive with a smooth take-up and is even easier on your thrust bearing and clutch hydraulics! The Level 1 is rated for 318 lb-ft at the crank, and is suitable for turbo and supercharged cars with unmodified engines. This is the one to use with a Stage 1 or Custom Spec turbo on a relatively stock engine.

1.8 size only, although it can be used on a 1.6 if you also use a 1.8 flywheel.

Includes the clutch switch over-ride, pilot bearing, throwout (release) bearing and clutch alignment tool.

The friction material is a steelback copper woven organic material.

We strongly recommend replacing seals while you're in there - they don't go bad too often, but it's a big job to get to them! We also strongly recommend using our installation tool with the rear crank seal, to ensure that you don't cause a problem that didn't exist. Plus, the tool is less than a new seal. Also, please be aware that 5-speed transmissions need the transmission input gasket, but 6-speeds do not. 

Note: This clutch was designed for the Miata engine and transmission - we're unable to guarantee fitment with engine swaps, although it's certainly possible. If a stock clutch will work ours should as well, but check with the manufacturer of the kit.  



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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
level 1 clutch

I was using an ACT stage 1 clutch and the pedal pressure was very high. Since I drove the car daily, there were times my foot would cramp holding it down. I was also concerned about the pressure on the thrust bearing because it should be seeing the same pressure. This clutch lives up to it's reputation. Very manageable pedal pressure. A damn sight easier to drive. The car I drive is a nb miata with a garret 2556R turbo and a mspnp ecu. As far as installation goes, eh, it installs like any other clutch, had no problems.

Amazing clutch

I loved beating the crap out of my 91 miata and launching it hard until the clutch started slipping. Even on stock power… Ordered the fm clutch and lightweight flywheel and when I tell you it made a world of a difference, it really did. To start with, just the pedal feel alone is better. Fm gives you all the instructions to adjust your clutch appropriately which not only increases the pedal throw distance but the engagement point feels a lot more natural. The flywheel also added a nice bit of pep to the car under acceleration and downshifting.Installation process is easy as long as you read the instructions. Back to clutch kicking and hard driving like these cars were made for!!

Great pedal feel and engagement

I just had this clutch kit installed with the lightened flywheel (10.3 lbs). The engagement, pedal feel, and overall experience is excellent. The pedal is only slightly firmer and barely even noticeable for me. I also have the shortened stainless steel clutch master cylinder-to-slave cylinder installed, which completes the entire driving experience. From my perspective, this is like a stock sport clutch in comparable roadsters.

Tips: as mentioned elsewhere - replace rear main seal, transmission seals (transmission input gasket & front transmission oil seal - differences for 5 vs. 6 speed), and the flywheel. To save money - one can resurface a flywheel, of course.


Installed this back in 2014. Not a single issue. Feels just like a stock clutch. Doesn't feel heavier at all. Holds just fine on my MP62 Supercharged.

Feels better than stock, and holds power.

I installed this clutch while refreshing my 1.6, which I mated to my old ACT Prolite. My first impressions were that the peddle feels slightly stiffer, and the clutch engagement is a little more linear, but also more grabby. It actually felt a bit smoother than the stock Exedy 1.8 clutch on the same 9lb flywheel. I drove around NA for about 500 miles and then installed an FMII turbo kit and have been running about 14psi for 1500 miles and 2 autocross events. It's holding the power just fine and has withstood a few 2nd gear burnouts and lots of hard launched.