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FM jack adapter - second generation

FM jack adapter - second generation

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New and improved! Seriously. We've changed the material to make it easier on your car's finish and increased the versatility - while managing to cut the price by 20%.

Want to lift up both wheels on one side of your Miata at once so you can put it on jackstands or quickly swap tires? We do this all the time. Slide the jack under the middle of the car for a quick lift. Too bad Mazda only reinforced the seam at the front and rear of the car!

A customer asked us if we could do anything to solve this problem, and here's our answer. Our jack adapter sits on top of a typical floor jack and straddles that fragile seam, putting the load on the structure of the car instead. It's similar to the way the stock scissor jack is shaped, but offers significantly more surface area to prevent damage.

The new second generation design has two slots in it. One is a press fit on the pinch weld, which lets you stick the adapter on the frame rail before you slide the jack underneath. The other is wider, allowing the adapter to work with newer cars that have more plastic trim around the weld.

Fits all Miatas and many other cars. The slot is 7/8" deep and 3/8" wide, so as long as your other car has seams less than 7/8" high this should work. May not fit all jacks - a particularly deep or very small platform on the jack could cause a problem. The adapter has a 3" base.

We recommend you continue to use the factory lift locations on NC and ND Miatas due to some extra plastic trim. It will still make contact with some plastic parts, but we have not received any reports of damage since we started selling these parts back in 2010.

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