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FM gas pedal extension only (NA/NB)

FM gas pedal extension only (NA/NB)

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21-74900 1990-05



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Our complete pedal kits are popular, but we've had a number of requests for just the gas pedal extension. So here it is - just a pedal extension, designed to make heel-toe dancing a bit easier.

NA/NB only. Included with our pedal kit, so if you have that you won't need this!

Please note that one hole won't line up on right hand drive (RHD, UK, Australia, Japan, etc.) cars. With those cars, be prepared to drill an extra hole - if you do that it should work fine. 

Customer Reviews

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Works as expected

Super easy and straightforward installation, and works exactly as described. Would definitely recommend purchasing, makes heel-toeing a lot easier to learn.

peter y.p.
I brought it last month and try to it on my NA.

Totally not fit for RHD car.

Note from FM: Turns out that there's one hole (of three) that doesn't line up, meaning that a new hole will need to be drilled. We're working with Peter to get this worked out for him.

Why did I wait so long to purchase?

Used it yesterday at the track. Like others, I have tried contortionist moves to H&T. Was comforting to brake and just roll my foot over to the go pedal. Haven't developed muscle memory yet, so forgot to do this a few times. I'm 78 and not to flexible, so had a rough time installing but very easy for normal bodies :o)

Highly recommend

Easy install, great finish, makes heel-toe way easier.

Must have mod for a tall guy

Great fit and an easy install. I am 6’2” and have pulled leg muscles trying to heal toe in my Miata but now I can do it easily anytime I want. Definitely a great product.